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Another out!

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Another employee has been sacked on Friday, on the grounds of prolonged absenteeism.  But we all know that it is in the process of downsizing that employees are being made redundant.  Those in service for less than one year are top in the list, since there is nothing more to pay than the 2 weeks salary.

On Tuesday, upon advice of a labour consultant, the boss talked with the employee and notified him of prolonged absenteeism and irregular performance at work. Then he informed him verbally and through a letter that on Friday he had to appear before a disciplinary committee who will decide on his future employability at the company. We all know that the boss’ mind has already been made up and this was all administrative procedures and paper works. So on Friday after being heard by the committee, he was given his termination of employment letter together with his exgratia payment with immediate effect.

When we discussed among ourselves the reason behind  such tactics, we learned that the boss has become nostalgic about his beginning in the business. There were fewer employees but money was overflowing the drawers-‘pa conner kot casse p sorti’. On the other hand there is a contraction in business activities also. Many companies like textile companies are closing their doors.  Sales has also been sluggish. In the event of failing to meet target, i was told that there would be further redundancies. Unbelievable!! I think that in the end the company would be run by the boss and his wife…  O moins la pa bisin paye salaire 🙂

Compensation salariale!

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

The National pay council has recommended a national compensation varying between Rs 283 and Rs 400  for the year 2008-09. The National parliament has validated this recommendation and thus this increase will become effective as from the next budget. Below is a comparison between last year’s compensation and this year’s.

2008-09          2007-08

0-3,500            283                   260

3.501-6500    300                    300

6,501-8,000    350                   350

> 8,000            400                    400

As a result of this recommendation, the 11 federation of workers syndicates are threatening a protest demonstration in Port Louis unless the government revise the figures upwards.

Last year it was up to the employer to increase the compensation based on their financial performance.Thus the tourism sector played the game by increasing the wages of their employees by more than the recommended figure.

Hurray for fresh blood!

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Following the resignation of the receptionist two weeks back, they were quick to enrol another. This time, the new recruit(let’s call her “M”) boldly informed the boss and his wife about the heat and sunshine. They quickly replied that they would be fixing a film on the ceiling. Time knows when this will done. In the meantime, my assistant asked for a fortnight leave. So i am left alone. The boss wanted M to assist me but i declined this invitation as it would imply re-explaining and re-supervising which would involve much more time than if i were to be doing the job.

Much to my dismay, M is new to the world of work, freshly left academics. When the boss told me that M knows about word processing and spreadsheet(may be she told him that during the interview) my first thought was that she knew the basics. First of all, she did not know how to save, nor about cells formatting. Poor me!!! Needless to say, in the meantime the boss wanted such and such reports, which i am taking time to produce. My first thought was to give such tasks to M. It was not a complicated task. She just had to input monthly data on a spreadsheet.  I overestimated her. When i sample checked some data, i simply did not understand where the figures came from. So she reworked the sheet …four times, over two days. The problem  is not that she took two days to do the report, it was the number of times she had to redo the work. When i commented, she replied that it was her first time working on a workstation, and that the assignment i gave her was not simple… I refrained from bursting into anger and instead told her that it was a simple matter of checking whether the input were as the paper. This was the first and last time, i gave her to type a report for me. All assignments would be filing and dummy works. Now i really hope that she is filing correctly. I really do not have time to check her work over and over.  So that was my work load over the past weeks.  Still not yet over, and still not over the reports the boss is asking.


Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Following my previous post, a development occurred. The receptionist resigned. Surprised?? Well, yes and no. She did mention that she will be “mange zot la vie” if she did not get another job. Matter of fact, if she resigned this means that she got another better paid job. Good for her…

The day before she resigned, she was absent. On D-day, when she submitted her resignation, she told the boss that she is giving her 14 days notice as prescribed by the law. Surprisingly (no surprise to me, though), the boss told her that she can leave immediately if she wants and that he would be paying her the full month. The receptionist decided to stay for a full day and at the end, (another surprise!!) the boss gave her a hand shake… Unbelievable!!!! He does not usually give handshake. I guess that he badly wanted her to leave that he expressed his gratitude in this way.

Well, do not know how long the next one will hang. I am not naughty but just expressing the facts. To be continued…

Heat wave in the office!

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Not deviating from the usual posts, I have decided to write about my place of work. This time, instead of relating things that happened to me, i will be writing about the series of unfortunate events befalling a colleague.

Everything was going fine, until the day the boss’ son in law found a diskette containing the receptionist’s CV. Needless to say, the sister took knowledge of the fact, and thereafter thought that the receptionist is going to leave. The fission process  started. There was a series of remarks made on the receptionist. The funniest things about those remarks is that they were not directly made to her but through x, y, z.  When the receptionist knew of those remarks, she did not pay any slightest attention.

Yesterday was the drop which overflowed the vase. The boss’ wife barged into my office and told me that the receptionist is not doing her job properly. She was working on payroll and found out while checking the attendance book that some workers did not fill in their time slots.   The receptionist was supposed to check the attendance book to make sure that all workers filled in the slot, according to her.

The grapevine starts now. The wife phoned me later in the morning to tell me to inform the receptionist that his husband is not happy with the way things are going. Since she told me to inform the receptionist, i reported that to her. The receptionist in turn told me to inform the wife that ‘she was only helping out and if she were to do the attendance thing, her salary will have to be raised’. I communicated the reply to the wife. Upon hearing, she was shocked and dazzled. She then stormed into her husband’s office and later on, the receptionist was called into the boss’s office. We could hear loud shouts and talks. Each was replying to each other.

In the end, it was decided between the two parties that the receptionist would be tendering phone calls and checking on attendance. Later on when i queried about what was said in the boss’s office, the receptionist said that she vomited every qualms and problems she encountered during work including the heat and sunshine.  For the heat, the boss bought a stand fan (a poor palliative when considering the structure of the office), and as for the sunshine, he told her to move away from the hub. Again not a solution since between the two hubs there is a pole.  Needless to say, after this fortuitous meeting relationship between wife and worker was gashed. And the intermediary is none other than me. I think that for me too it is high time to become “regardant”.

As things stand, i sincerely think that the boss intend to do everything to make the receptionist resign on her own. A pleasure that the receptionist does not intend to offer… To be continued! Stay tuned for next time.

Lessons i learn from incompetency!

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

It’s been 4 weeks since my boss and family left for holidays, and left some follow-ups for me to do. One of those included liasing with a freight forwarder company for delivery of a container to our premises. Piece of cake i said to myself.

I was completely wrong!!! There were some problems inherent to it. Firstly when i phoned the company, i was told there were some outstanding demurrage charges with  we did not pay, and in this context they could not deliver unless these charges are cleared. Surprises kept on coming when i further learned that the container had been in Mauritius since 36 days!!!! I was dazzled!! Why did he keep matter pending for so long? God knows. To avoid the sword from cutting my head, i smsed the boss, having in mind also that now i will ruining his holidays! Eye for an eye!!!

He replied to me two days later, urging me to contact Mrs ‘X’ telling her that we badly need the parts etc. Failing to get a positive response, the boss decided to bypass the forwarder company and use another one instead. i transmitted the message to Mrs ‘X’. The latter replied that bill has already been processed and they were waiting payment for clearing.  Needless to say, i forwarded the msg to my boss. He phoned me later on and pressed me to reply to the company verbatim, that he did not ask them to pass the bill and it is up to them to ‘demerder’ because we wanted the documents back. There was no further correspondence until my boss called me and informed me that he managed to talk to Mrs ‘X’ and that they will do needful for clearing of goods. Two weeks had already elapsed since the bill and the outstanding charges. When i phoned to enquire abt status i was told that original bill of lading was missing and that it was still with supplier. I phoned the latter and he told me that he will check. Two days after christmas and still not reply. I decided to ‘harass’ the supplier until i get a reply. He said he had sent the docs on Friday. When he faxed the AWB to me, i noticed that he sent the docs on Saturday. Needless to say, the docs reached Mauritius on Monday 31st December and we got the docs on the 3rd January 2008. The container reached our premises three days ago.

Boss reached Mauritius two days ago and asked for a feedback. I told him that container was delivered day before. He said he is very unhappy with the service provided by the company and would be meeting them as soon as he gets an updated statement. To him, demurrage was incurred because the company failed to handle an order. I was barely listening to him. Am glad he came back because the file was handled by him and returned to him. One burden less on my shoulders.

Office party!

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

December, last month of the year. Also the month in which many Mauritian companies, (euuh don’t know abt the norms in the UK, US) organise their end of year dinner. The company i work in makes no exception. However it decided to host the dinner earlier than usual because the directors will be on early leave, somewhere going to Canada for vacation. So on D-day, each employee was requested to attend the dinner. I did not attend because of my exams.  Well, the dinner was quite eventful… No other words to describe.

I was told when i resume work almost one week later that two drivers were completely drunk.  They swore to their supervisor and even to the boss. It was not good sight to see that in the middle of a restaurant, among the many customers and guests, two men were at the centre stage exploding away all the griefs and discontent. Out of that, they were completely drunk that they can’t even walk. The following day, none of the drivers show up at work.

Well, today was redemption day. The boss is giving bonus. And he called the two ‘actors’. What was said in the boss’ office remain between his walls. There were some loud verbals probably the boss in turn making remarks. I was later informed that the two drivers told the boss they did not remember anything abt the aftermath of the dinner. They don’t but the boss did. There was an interesting article about office party in L’express today. So do the dos and don’t do the don’ts. That’s etiquette! Though somehow i don’t agree that at an office party there is an opportunity for promotion (i mean under the normal way, of course!!)

Ass hole!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

This time, (euh no, i always do) i could resist to write on something which is happening at the office. In Mauritius we call it ‘palabre’. Gossip sounds too English. So, it all happens when the boss called me about the payment of telephone bills. He noticed that bills were too high and asked me for itemised bill. I made the request to MT. The officer in charge told me that itemised bill is charged at rs 10 per sheet +vat. So i informed my  boss who told me to go ahead. And i also made a request for call barring, for he always pesters me about calls to cellplus network should be restricted as far as possible.

When the technician dropped by, i did not notice that i was being spied by the boss’s brother in law. Upon the phone call of his sister (boss’ wife), the spy silently positioned himself behind my back and grapped everything which was being said. It was a colleague which whom i worked who later told me that i was being spied. It was confirmed by the receptionist.  That happened Friday last.

Today, the brother in law told me that someone is spending too much time outside the office and that workloads have been accumulating on the desk. I told him that i did not know about it for he does not work with me.  He continued saying that he can back him up for some few tasks but he can not continue like that.  He was starting to get on my nerves and to cut short his conversation, i replied that i would be talking to the colleague. I did when he returned and he informed me that it was the boss himself who told him to go out. My!my!

From now onwards, i am standing on my guards and restrict my conversation with the brother in law professionally. When he started to query about my whereabouts in the weekend, i told him i remained home. Period. What an asshole!

Hectic week!

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Been quite a hectic week, with the server down to begin with. I had to recontact the technician who confirmed that everything was ok on Saturday when he reconfigured the system. He told me to do this and that, which after some time, i got fed up. Nothing was working. In the meantime, colleagues were starting to pester me about backlog of work. Finally, on Tuesday he showed up. I explained him the problem and he restarted to work on it. In the end, everything was up to normal and the next day he sent a invoice for work done, which i promptly slided it under the door of my boss. Today the technician popped up at the request of the boss to discuss abt the invoice. To my surprise the boss accepted to pay him the amount requested together with an annual fee for continuous support. Oh well, being a technician pays. Blue collar workers truly have a future in this country, let it be an electrician, a plumber, or even a handy man. That reminds me of the gardener in desperate housewives. I’m getting off track.

I was even surprised when the technician proposed to be a consultant re: IT matters, and even suggested protecting the server with a UPS, which the boss promptly asked me to buy one. Surprised, because one month earlier a colleague and I asked for quotations for UPS and even discussed it with the boss. The latter’s reply was that the matter was not urgent. How come that now the matter has become urgent??? Oh well, don’t try to discuss with a boss,you will lose. To end the story, btw I still have not bought the UPS. I replied that i have to ask for quotations, and i recontacted the colleague to whom i related the whole story. Even the boss’s wife was looking forward for UPS, to whom the colleague replied that quotations had been asked but that the file was in the hands of her husband.

Ruined weekend!

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Weekend is supposed to have started for me today (the first of November) but it seems that it will be all ruined. Server at the company is down. Called the software programmer who took the server for diagnostics. Now he mailed me and informed me that all data on the server got corrupted. Don’t know abt any eventual backups but i am reluctant to go to the office and check that out. I told him to check that out using remote connection but i do not know whether that will work in Mauritius since broadband is quite limited.  That will leave me with one narrow hope- that he eventually got hold of the backup data and restore the database and the rest will be history. The other option is i have to physically go to the office and check that out by myself. Once i find (if i should find) the backup file, hopefully it is not big so that i could mail him.