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Tiredness, regrets and tiredness!

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

It has been a rather hectic week for me. Peuhh!!! So let’s start from the start.imgp0234.jpg

I got the opportunity to watch one of  the quarter finals between Croatia and Turkey in Austria. So last week I took the plane which was supposed to transit via Dubai then direct to Austria. Great was our dismay when the announcer informed us that the flight was cancelled. We were five Mauritians going to watch the match and the sponsors have already established a planning schedule for us.  Because of the delay we would lose two days as the next flight via Dubai was supposed to be in the evening and the connecting flight the next day. One of us knew of the procedure and contacted one the officers of MK, who after checking booking reservations informed us that we could get seats on the direct flight to Paris and thereafter a connecting flight to Vienna.

It was already four hours (4 in the morning) after our scheduled flight was cancelled and we were still in the airport terminal waiting of the new booking arrangements.  We were so tired that we dozed in the airport buildings and only woke up when we heard announcements. Passengers to Paris were already checking in and we still did not get our new tickets. Upon the advice of one of the ticketing officers we managed to check in with a copy of the booking reservations and we were held at the boarding gate. Announcements were heard that gate was closing and still no boarding tickets. It was typical of a drama or action film. It was at the last second that the officers came up with our tickets and we could finally board the plane and fly 13 hours non stop to Paris, and there another 2 hours to Vienna.

When we returned to Mauritius, i was informed that my aunt passed away. The funeral would be held in 3 hours and since it was a close relative, i had to attend it. So after a12 hours return flight, i had to do the chauffeur and be at the mass and the cemetery.  Needless to say i slept for 12 hours the next day.For seven days, I attended a small prayer session at my cousin’s place and missed two of them because there was inventory count at the company.  Hopefully this week will be a new and steady one because i would not last :p

“Thrilled to be here!”

Friday, March 16th, 2007

These are the words pronounced by archbishop Desmond tutu on his arrival to Mauritius yesterday on bord of MV Explorer yesterday.He was accompanied by his wife Leah. To journalists who came to welcome him, he stated that Mauritius is a fantastic country and that Mauritians are able to teach the world tolerance and peaceful cohabitation.
The peace Nobel price winner was welcomed amongst others by the bishop of Mauritius, Ian Ernest, and his wife Kamla, the Vénérable James and his wife Doreen, and also by the south African high commissioner, Ajay K. Bramdeo.

Mgr Tutu met the president of the republic and the prime minister after which he celebrated a mass at St-James cathedral at 18 h. Tomorrow morning, he will be meeting the members of the Anglican order and will be inaugurating the  Diocesan Church House at Port-Louis

Desmond tutu will be leaving the country tomorrow afternoon.