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Carnet d’un voyageur!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Been quite a long time since i posted. Part of the reason lies in the fact that the pc which i inherited from my predecessor is very slow, (and no, there is no intention from the boss to buy a new pc nor to upgrade RAM). So since the boss is not around i seize the opp to jot down some words.

During my absence from the world of blogging, been on vacation. Greatly needed as i was bearing all the symptoms of burn out. Been to dubai and singapore. Did not enjoy the trip in dubai as we encountered food problems over there. The problem is that we did not know where to look for chinese food. In the vicinity of our hotel, there are mostly iranian restaurants, and kfc and mcdo. Tasted iranian food. We ate farata with chilly, tomato and lalo prinkles and cooked chicken. Not very tasty but we had to fill our stomach. The temperature was 15deg (which is cold for us tropical residents) in the morning, and during the day, it can rise up to 24deg. So it was quite comfortable as long as the rays set in. We did two days in dubai, and could not visit all the wonders. The dubai govt is actually building a metro and hopefully in two years time, can visit the whole of dubai. At each corner of the road, there are major works which reminds me of singapore. Dubai mainly taps its drinking water from desalinated water treatment plants.
There is a striking feature that strikes me in dubai. As early as five in the morning, the roads started to get congested. This is due to the fact that since dubai is a duty free land, the residents can afford to buy new cars.
As a concluding remark apart from my food misadventure, i was greatly depayser, and for the price i paid, i feel that the return was not worth. Enfin c’est la vie! No one is really satisfied in life.