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Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Medical record of little Ali Lazer has been found yesterday by the MCIT team led by SP Raddhoa. The record has been found on the river bed at Wooton. Father Mohammad lazer thanked the MCIT team and said that his son would be visiting hospital on Monday for chimiotherapy and thereafter plan their departure for India.

The MCB’s 15th African Athletism championship opening ceremony was held yesterday in front of a meagre assistance in Bambous. Milazar legged the first 400m race leap, and Bekelele was athletic as usual. Some funny situations cropped up however. A photograph was shooting Bekelele (who drapped himself in Ethiopian flag) in all angles and nearly hit a lagging athlete from the 5000m race. The championship will be held from the 9th to the 13th August 2006.

News in brief!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

The 31st July was the last day for the prepaid mobile phone holders to register their sim card, after which they will be deactivated. They were more that 60,000 users who have not registered their cards as at 31 july 2006.

M. Linley Savriacooty fait parler d’elle une fois de plus. After being reported missing since Monday last, she was found unconscious on Friday, and stated that she was for the nth time raped. POlice said she did not want expert legiste doctor Boolell to examine her. A private doctor was called to examine her but the police refused to acceed to her request and the doctor was sent home.

A man embezzled Ali Lazer’s father ( Ali who is to undergo major surgery of a tumor in the abdomen in India). The embezzler forged his identity as an eminent doctor who had seen Mr Lazer’s distress in the paper. He took away rs 80,000 and his son’s medical records. An appeal was sent to the forgerer to surrender back the records.

CMT Ltee is awarding scholarships for a two year part time course in MSC Textiles at the university of Mauritius. Full tuition fees will be born by the textile company and a monthly bursary of rs 10,000 will be offered to the laureats.

The new EDF form (following the new Finance Bill) has been drafted and is available for download on the MRA site. No more personal deductions such as insurance, interest on loans are available. Employees will fall in either one of the four categories and those with a monthly income of more than rs 16,500 will be liable to tax.