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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

It’s raining. Do not know when i will leave here. When it’s raining hard like that, road is congested like crap. It’s like a Thursday or Friday afternoon.  Not a single inch of movement till half past five when it is already dark.  Hopefully the rain will ease a little so that i can go home !!!


Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

So hot and so uncomfortable!! Help!!!

January 2009!

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

First of all, a happy new year to all! Belated wishes! Beze sa. En an fini passer….

34 deg. And the temp is still not decreasing. Think need to put a hamac and sleep on it. The mattress is too hot even after airing. It is only at three in the morning that the temp is reasonable. But then four hours sleep is not enough. No wonder, i am feeling drowsy afterwards. It did rain a few days back but as soon as the rays hit the ground, back to square one.

On a different note, the police acquired three mobile radars lately to track speed lovers. In less than 6 days, 350 vehicles (according to MBC news!)  have been flashed. However there have been reports that the fotos of contract vehicles and motorcycles equipped with flashy plate numbers are printed blurred.

Most private companies will resume their activities on the 7th although some will be 9th. Public companies and govt sector will resume on Monday. Schools will resume on the 12th. However form 1 and standard one students will take the classroom classes on the 9th. Before we took our annual leave last year, the boss did mention of the economic crisis and added that next year (that is 2009) will be very difficult. I shall update on the actions he will be taking, probably downsizing again, but the personnel is already a strict minimum. Oh well nice resumption to all! And don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Some snow please!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

It has been very very hot since nth days and months. Cinda has been a promising reservoir for heat reduction and some rain but came to be deceptive. So we still are back to square with uncomfortable temperature and sometimes headaches. If you do not have business outside your home, simply stay in with all your windows open or air conditioning on. Going out under this blazing sun could only bring you scalds or dizziness. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water and take aspirin with you. It can come handy.

On Christmas eve, i am here awake at 0325 hrs sweating with fan on and typing this blog hoping that father Christmas would at least grant me a wish to bring down this wave.

My uncle and aunt recently came to Mauritius for holidays and they could only say this: they came out of the fridge to fall into hot oven. They were welcomed by bugs and mosquitoes and unconfortable heat. Sadly they came at a wrong period. But they could not do nothing but bear and adapt. They already left to resume with snow and 4 pieces of clothing instead of one.

Torrential rains!

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Second holiday forcer for all primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. 18 primary schools will remain closed tomorrow, Friday 19th September 2008, as a result of heavy torrential rains prevailing on the island. More than 200 mm rainfall have been collected and most of our reservoirs are at least 83% full, except for Midlands and Piton du Milieu which are 100% full.

Flooding is expected to occur and as a result of heavy saturation of the ground. Already houses near to rivers and areas where there are no proper drainage systems are victims of flooding and water entering their homes. The North and East and South are mostly affected. Now landslides are threatening areas between GRSE and Beau Champ. Police are warning road users to be careful in these regions.

As to 1945hrs, the country is still under torrential rain warning and it will be tomorrow when parents will be informed whether school will resume. For horse racing lovers, the event will probably be postponed to Sunday. The track is not practicable.


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Brrr!!! It’s freezing… The meteorological station forecasts that the temperature can get as low as 8 deg in the centre of the island. Winter has started two weeks earlier and El nina is no stranger.  It has started to get dark at five in the afternoon. Thought it was half past six.  Very hard to wake up.  And it showers occasionally usually late in the afternoon.

Whining population!

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Mauritius is perhaps one of the rarest country where each time a major decision is made, a section of the population has to whine. The case of the flash flood in March demonstrates the fact. On Wednesday, when the meteorological station issued flash flood and electric storms warnings and the decision to close schools  earlier, here again the decision has been criticized widely. Why do we have to close schools when it is raining heavily? – one would comment.  I’m sure if schools did not  release students back home, reGokhool saga again. Forecasts have been glim during the weekend.Indeed it should be raining till Wednesday but with lower intensity. On Monday morning, it was shining. Where are the showers foreacasts have predicted? It then rained heavily by the time it was afternoon for at least 2 hours and by the end of the afternoon, it stopped. The radio broadcast there would be a temporal calm and mention was made that all our reservoirs are full. Mare aux Vacoas is at 80% of its capacity. More news on the 1930hrs hopefully.

Re: water!

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

While watching the news recently, the speakerine mentioned that the main reservoir of the island is only 60% of its capacity, while at this period of time, it should be around 84%. When interviewed, the chairman of the CWA commented that we did not receive enough rain to fill in the main reservoir. That is all bullshit!! How could we not receive enough rain when there were floods in certain places of the island?  In the meantime, some regions of the upper Plaine Wilhems are facing water cuts. When will Mauritius not face water shortages when paradoxically we are surrounded by water? Could we sustain the targeted 3 million tourists with our actual water network and other public networks? Talks are beautiful but concerted actions between the various ministries are better.

Wet Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Wet Wednesday! Not soaked but my office would be stinking tomorrow. This happens when there is heavy rainfalls and water would sneak into the walls and the rest is history.

Early afternoon, the meteorological station issued a torrential rain warning, which implied that schools were requested to let their students go home. Same goes for  tertiary sector. Public sector employees were invited to leave before 1600 hrs so as to avoid the usual bottlenecks. At some point in time, there was a rumour in the office that buses would cease to operate at 1500 hrs but i guess this was only an excuse for early leaving.

When i was about to leave at 1630hrs, a colleague told me to take a look at GRNW river. He said that he had never witnessed the spectacle before. So when going over the bridge, i just glanced over. The sight was indeed breathtaking. The river had over flooded its bed and the millions of tons of mud water were rampaging the metallic structure of the bridge. On its pavement, people were gathering trying to take a look at the level of the river. Needless to say the couple of habitats which were built near the bed were completely devastated. Hoping that the 1930 news would diffuse this event, i went on my way and was later disillusioned. But nonetheless, there were other places where river beds had been over flooded and tons of liters of mud waters either obstructed roads or carried lives and even claimed them as had been the case of a 13 year old student whose body had been later found together with a 50 year old woman.

Ex-Lola did bring us plenty of water but paradoxically the main reservoir is still 70% full, while others are near full. There was even an article in the morning press in which a hydrological expert stated that there were signs of water leakages on the walls of the reservoir.The 1930 news interview of the minister of public utilities denied such allegations and had condemned such misleading reporting.

Weather forecast for the evening and tomorrow: rays for the north and west, but still bad news for the east, south and central plateau. But weather is expected to become fairer as ex lola continue to leave our region.

Water please!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

As you are all aware, according to the CWA, Mauritius is facing acute water shortages. The same organism predicts that the actual water levels in our reservoirs will last for two months at most, should no rain falls. There was an incident lately concerning water supply in the region of Roche Bois whereby inhabitants did not receive water supply for four consecutive days. They expressed their discontent by blocking the trunk road. The CWA reached a compromise that during the festive period, they would receive full supply and thereafter, the cut programme would be in place.

Heat and plenty of sunshine are predictions for the new year,and hopefully plenty of rain. Cockroaches are messing around lately. Does that pre-sign heavy rainfalls?  Since morning there have been spells of showers but insufficient to fill the reservoirs. They are very shy lately. El Nino?