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Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Are we still in winter? Since yesterday it has been very hot, with mosquitoes visiting me as well.  Since i was not prepared for this, these uninvited guests surely drank and ate a lot, making such noises that consequently i was unable to take my 8 hours sleep properly. My eyes are sore red and am still yawning.

Have a nice Monday, is it? Oh whatever!  Am hungry now.

5.8 quake shook the indian ocean!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

The daily mirror reported a 5.8 magnitude quake on the Richter scale in the indian ocean. According to the USGS, the event happened at 05.33:31 UTC (26 July 2012) some 954km East North East off the coast of Mauritius, and 387km North East off the coast of Rodrigues. No tsunami warning has been issued though.

Was it on the radio this morning? Did you know about it? Any tidal waves reported? Pls share your experience.

Qui suis-je?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

It’s cold and rainy in the morning,  scorching hot during the day and cold during the night again.  The sun rises quite late and sets quite early. It is still dark at 6.30 am and becomes dark as early as 5.30 pm.   There was a tropical depression lately in the vicinity. But it is nice to sleep but it’s hard to wake and pull yourself to go to work. Qui suis-je?

They did it again!

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

The oldest and main reservoir(?) of the island is 30% filled. Land cracks and roots are scenes which the reservoir is offering nowadays instead of the vivid blue ones. As usual the Authority is appealing to the public not to waste water. Subscribers of the central plateau, the South are being provisioned only for 6 hours a day. Should the situation prevail, other regions will be affected as well. The worst case scenario is the supply of water every 2 days. Hey they did it again!!!

Bye bye miss!!

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Howdy world!! Been a while since last wrote a post. Well things been quite hectic since the beginning of the year and the intense humidity and mosquitoes do not help at all.  So that apart, i will be talking about meteo.

Most of us (if you watched the local tv) must have noticed that since some days,  there were no miss meteo after the news. No miss Hansha, nor Manella, neither Stephanie presenting the weather forecast. What ever happened to them??  No weather animation. Just some voice off announcing cloudy weatherly forecast with isolated showers with no thunder.

The miss meteo are reallocated elsewhere. Where ?  The answer is elsewhere…

Tits and tats!

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

And it’s in again. According to the meteorological station, we are actually in the winter summer transition period. So this means heat and mosquitoes againn…. And these mosquitoes have dammed evolved. They have grown bigger. What were they feeding on during the winter season? Fans will have to be on, and mosquito coils and repellents will be of use again. Hopefully it will not be that hot. And as usual, thanks to the leaks in the water distribution system, we are again faced with water cut, and the usual rhetoric of ‘ do not waste water’. The ministry of  health is actually launching a campaign concerning the prevention of spread of chiks and other mosquito borne diseases. Summer is going to be looonngggggg.


Saturday, July 31st, 2010

It’s cold (approx 19deg), windy, very windy and i’m shivering. Plus it’s raining sporadically. Brr it’s howling outside.  Good night! Hey in 15 mins we will be in August. 5 months to go till end of the year. And another cycle over, kids grow, we get older… Sigh!!!!

Earth shakes!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

There was a quake yesterday at GMT 0315hrs 1014 kms to the nord east of Port Louis. According to the USGS (US Geological Survey), the event did not generate tidal waves and there was no tsunami warning. The earth in Mauritius and Rodrigues did not shake in the aftermath. There is a concern from the head of the public service commission(and also the president of the Central Cyclone & other National Disasters Committee)  that the  meteorological station should have informed the population about this matter(despite that no real threats took place). The head of the PSC did not appreciate the fact that as head of the committee no information was communicated to him in the first place.  On the meteorological side, Mr Suresh Boodhoo insisted on the frequent and low scale quake and that should a major threat arise, the authorities concerned will be informed accordingly.

Winter insomnia!

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Two thirty in the morning… Wind is howling and it’s chillinnngggggg……..Brrrr!!!! Can not sleep. Took the temperature yesterday morning and the thermometer indicated 20deg. However the morning paper mentioned something about 18.7 deg in the city. The meteorological station indicated about a second anticyclone to influence the country by this afternoon. So pullover, amorak and the likes on your shoulders… Needless to say the talk of the day at work was the cold. Some colleagues prefer the winter season while others the summer season. The general trend however is that those living on the coastal region hold a liking for the winter season. The reason: in summer everything is hot; the house, the bed. While in winter, you get something to put on when you are cold. So what is your preference??


Monday, June 1st, 2009

Been quite hot yesterday. Does not appear we are in a transition period. As a result, have not been able to sleep since 2 days. Sommeil casser vers 1.00 am sometimes 2.00 am. And to make matters worse, mosquitoes have started to fer letour. What is happening? As i look around, i could not help but notice that ants are migrating to the upper part of the house. At office, ants are invading bread and powdered milk.  N they are even walking on monitors even in a conditioned environment. Weird, isn’t it???