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Passport blues!

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Howdy, dear friends,

Apologise for not being too active in the blog sphere. Hope all of you are fine .

I recently went to the passport and immigration office( Sterling house, Port Louis) to renew my passport. I reached there at 10.15 am and there were some people waiting while an officer was attending to a guest at the enquiry desk.  I went to the officer and he tended to my query by giving me a ticket. Beforehand he asked whether i had already filled in the form.

Thereafter i joined the exciting world of queuing. I originally thought it would be a piece of cake and it would take seconds before i left this place. I  could not imagine the adventure awaiting me.

There was an electronic billboard in front and i was hoping it would be blinking to call one’s turn. Nothing!!  Then i heard the enquiry officer (the one who gave me the ticket) calling a number. Each visitor in turn would have his docs checked by this officer. I am dazzled!!! Ten  years back, i could remember that the electronic billboard would call the number and in turn each would go inside.  There would be  5-6 officers tending to the applicants.  Now it was only one. I further noticed that the officer would remove garlic with each applicant. Not out of mischievousness, maybe some docs were genuinely missing.  Each of them would retire to return with the correct set of documents. 45 minutes later, my turn came. I was secretly hoping that everything would be ok.  Alas!  The officer said my photo was not good. Why? Too much flash he said.  He even advised me to go to a place which according to him takes good photos.

So i armed myself with much courage and went to search for the ” famous” place under the scorching Port Louis eleven thirty sun. Did not find it. So i went back  to the studio which took  the initial photos and explained to them my problem. They proposed to take a digital photo.  In this way, they could amend it. 10 minutes later i re went to the passport and immigration office with my stomach craving for food.  My legs,  too,  were aching from walking fast as it was nearly lunch time and feared the officer would have left. When i reached there, I  went directly to the officer. He was busy with a visitor and I interrupted him by asking if the new photos were ok, to which he replied positively. I then went inside with my set of docs  and another officer rechecked them. The supervisor remarked my signature should be felt signed. So i used their famous felt pen and signed on a piece of paper affixed on the original signature. Along  with a request to pay form, i went out to the cashier office to pay the passport fee. With the receipts, i returned inside to give the officer the yellow  receipt to which he annexed to my file.

While I was busy thanking the officer,  I overheard a lady officer saying to an applicant that his photos were not good. The lady was informing him that there was a shadow in the photo and that it would not be good on the passport. The man was trying to say that it was himself in the photo and there was no one else.  Lost case! The poor chap had to redo the photo.

4 days later i returned to collect the new passport. Fortunately this time, it was quicker.

So did your passport renewal go on smoothly? Please share your experiences.

Mo anvie sa!!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Patrick wrote an interesting article  on his personal experience as a parent- how to cope with the wants of the kids. Many parents nowadays usually give in to the wants of their newborn. If they  (kids) do not get what they want, they would usually cry or “jette lecorps” until the parents gave in.  I happened to witness the scene in a well known supermarket whereby the kid(usually 3-5 years) would “jette lecorps” when the parent would not buy something the kid want.

Is there an age limit where parents should bear with the “anvie” of their kids? My cousin’s son (would be one in a few months)  would usually cry when he did not get what he want. Then his grandmother would coax him. It is not easy nowadays to try to reason with his/her kids when both parents are working. So to keep the kid from crying the parent would usually give in. As Patrick said his spouse and him would tell their child why they would not be buying this or that. At least the child would know why.

So how do you cope with the wants of your child? Do you maintain your stand?

10% rise!!

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Since this morning, the price of LPG has risen by 10% to reach MUR 330 the 12kgs cylinder. Following this increase, this will undoubtedly result in a spiral price increase of basic commodities like gato dehuile, dholl puri, faratas, and other snacks, you name it. Despite the reassurance that the price of bread will remain the same, i doubt this will be the case. This increase has certainly given bakers a reason to add value to their argument. The price of gasoline and diesel however remained the same.

Parking coupons!!

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Since the 14th February 2011, price of parking coupons have been raised by 100%. Parking coupon holders were invited by the minister to exchange their existing coupons by the 28th of the same month. Initially scheduled to be exchanged at the Jade House, the minister then announced that the process is to be decentralised. According to him, the exchange could be done at the local filling stations.

Unfortunately, when we went there, there were no new coupons.  This was aired on a radio station whereby the president of the petrol retail association mentioned that his association did not receive any new coupons from the ministry.  The due date being close, we again phone a filling station. They did receive the new coupons, however they are not exchanging the old ones. You have to buy new ones. What the use of mentioning on the waves that one can exchange old ones when clearly the station does not follow suit? ( I don’t know about the other stations, but the station near to me did that).  You have to go to Jade house, waiting for one hour,  in the intense heat and showering your shirt and trousers before you can finally grap the new coupons in your hands.

What’s the new difference? The rs 10 on the mauve coupon is now Rs 20.00 and the Rs5 on the green coupon has turned Rs 10.00 for the same parking time (that is 30 minutes).

Now a communique from the ministry mentions that the deadline has been extended to mid March 2011. So if you are an unfortunate holder of old parking coupons, bear your bad luck in patience. Otherwise if you are lucky and filling stations accept to play the game, then good for you.

Hurrah!!! Another increase!

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

The CEB has announced it is going to major the price of electricity in Mauritius. Should the board ratify the decision, it should be effective as from today 01 December 2010. Consumer protection bodies are condemning the increase in tariffs, arguing that as always, consumers are paying the price of bad deeds and incompetency of those managing public bodies. After the story of hedging at the national aviation company and at the  STC, it’s now turn(dear viewers yes you) to pay for story of the fake electrical bulbs.

Needless to say that following the increase of 10% in electricity tariffs, everything will rise. Bread, bus transport, petrol, water, basic commodities and the list is long.  Hurrahh! Can’t wait to see what’s next in store for us…

UPDATE (10th December 2010)

As from Monday 13th, 20% increase in bus fares.

Sleepless night!

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

There are days (rather nights) like this. You are very tired. Everywhere aches and you only want to get some sleep to recharge and rejuvenate. But alas double alas, you can’t sleep. You lay on your mattress the eyes staring at the ceiling, the lids not wanting to close.

And it is feeling very hot.

Fortunately no presence of mosquitoes for the time being.  What do you do???

Wake up?

Strolling down the aisle?

Or making a 100m run on the road?  Surely that would wake the neighbours and scare the hell of them for they would be thinking of a ghost.

Watching some movies on TV?  No interesting films.


No, again the noise would wake all the neighbourhood.

Oh dear! What a dilemma!!! I wanna sleep.

Eyes,  close!

1 sheep, 2 sheeps, 3 sheeps…..50 sheeps. Shit! I miss one. Restart again… That is going to be a long long long nightttttt….So how do you sleep on sleepless nights?

Nouveau jackpot!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Loto a Rs 40 millions! Apres le lot de Rs 20 millions le 1er mai, et revoila la belle cagnotte. Nous serons nombreux a jouer pour ce beau pactolle. Bonne chance a toutes et tous!

You jerk!

Friday, April 30th, 2010

It has long been said and confirmed. Mauritian drivers lack courtesy. Today like any other drivers we were jammed at the level of Pailles in the direction of Port Louis. I was in the fast lane and at some point in time, we had to converge towards the slow lane. So when the lane ends, i turned on the left flasher. A driver in ithe slow lane apparently furious that i was intending to be take his lead horned me and shouted like hell ” to presser???” I politely replied that my lane has ended and had to go in the other. He was obviously overexcited and reshouted ” to plis presser toi?” I let him take the lead and to prove to me that he is the boss, he deliberately drove slower. We are all tired after a week’s work and the jam further adds to the stress. So why are you so jerky? I think i was not alone to face the situation. Some drivers at the front too horned apparently for the same reason.

On another note, bonne fete du travail a tous! TGIPH!

Loud noise!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Security is important. There’s no doubt about it, whether for personal security, overseas travel. Each and everyone of us needs to feel secure especially in one’s home. There are a number of companies specialising in such areas. Each has its own area of expertise. However, i could not not help but noticing that whether it be commercial or residential buildings, there is one thing in common-the alarm sound. Have you ever noticed that increasingly when the alarm goes on, it can make you deaf??? I mean, it’s good that the neighbourhood knows about may be there is something wrong in your building, and that appropriate actions can be taken, or it can act as a deterrent for the intruder if any, but for god’s sake, why the decibel so loud??? I am talking out of experience. My neighbour has installed an alarm system. Oh dear, when it goes on, you would wish you were deaf.. I am not joking…

noise.jpg(image at

Is there a norm for such devices?Why does it have to be so loud? Silent alarms do exist, so why not propose such systems as alternatives? Are they so much expensive that the majority of us opt for the conventional ones? We are talking about an ile maurice durable, serenity at home englobes such aspect.

plea.gif (image at

So please security companies, do phase out such systems or at least diminish the decibels for our ears’ drums sake and for our children and grand grand children. We have only one pair of ears and it’s for our entire lifetime.

Que feriez vous si vous decrochez le premier lot?

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

The Loterie Nationale has been officially launched on Wednesday 28th October 2009.  On the occasion of the soft launch, the holder of the winning ticket (6/40) will be awarded the prize of Rs 12 million. So what is the loterie Nationale? Guess all of you know the loto (no, not the creole word for car), the game in which you need to hold all the numbers in order to win. Yes this is it. 58% of the receipts will go directly into the government pocket to fund “de grandes causes nationales”.

Prior to the official launching of the game, Lottotech (the company behind the loto game) invested massively on advertising, training retailers (spread widely in the island) on the use of their machines. The draw will be held on the 7th November. So if you think that probability has no secrets for you, then off you go! BTW the ticket costs Rs 20 for a choice of 6 numbers. Good luck!!!