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Encounter during the night!

Friday, October 12th, 2012

It’s one o’clock in the morning and it’s pitch dark outside. And i can’t sleep. And it’s very very hot, and mosquitoes are hopping around. Having a cup of hot milk and listening to music, hoping that Morpheus will eventually take me in his lap. Oh, the neighbour’s dog is suddenly barking furiously..What’s happening?? Looking outside, as it’s dark do not see anything. Probably saw a doggie doing strip and suddenly expressing its eagerness and  joy. Oh mangoes falling -it’s raining mangoes!!!  Probably too early this season. Got to grap a bucket and harvest this providential treasure. Wait, it stopped. Oh false alert, it’s just the bats throwing mango peels and uneaten mangoes from their limo windows on their trip down to earth. The sky is starry but the moon has not left bed yet. Now i understand why i can’t sleep. Moon, return my sleep. It’s your turn to change the baby. He is crying. Not wet? Well coax him to sleep because i need to sleep. Baby sleep please. He is hot?? Fever ? Ok get him to the hospital. Ah silence at last. What is it now? Someone is typing loudly at this time of the day, probably trying to finish his/her thesis. ^-^ no it’s me and i need sleep. Good night! Lights off!


Ode to my love!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

My love, why are you late?

I have been desperately waiting for

your cool, refreshing arms to

wrap me,  calm me,

soothe the scorching arms

that have been bruising my every soul.

Oh love, why are you playing with me?

Am aching for those moist lips to kiss mine

to ever release those burning desires

that have left me sleepless and

countless night dreaming

about your sexy body in my laps.

Oh love, you are making me crazy.

Oh  baby one more time, please….

Please rain…


Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Non, pa en titre en film sa!!!  Mo sire ki zot tous inbisin tande ban tapages nocturnes sirtout periode eter. Mo nepli kav tande ban tapages la. Kifer zot dan la liste especes proteger???  A cose sa meme dimoune in extermine zot ec aster la zot envie protege zot. Maru paradox sa…. Kan sommeil la pran bien, lerla zot fer bal.. Bangg!!! Ou ti croire ki parebrise ou bien la fenetre in craser. Mais non ban fruicivoires la p largue mangue couma grenades. Ec zot rier dan ou figure tou.  Ihhiiihhihiiiii!!!! Zot p nargue ou mo dire..  Ec si ou somnanbule, fer attention risker gagne fractire crane!!!! Ec si ou ena pied mangue ou letchi dan ou la cour, ou nec bisin guet kantiter fruits ki fine craser dan la cour lendemain.

Funny combination!

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

The boss’s wife told me a funny story some days back. She told her maid to prepare corned beef salad or tuna, however without specifying which one she preferred. Now when it was time to lunch, great was her surprise to hear her husband ask what kind of salad she had asked to prepare. The wife replied beef. The husband replied that the salad tasted tuna. The wife quickly picked up the phone and queried the maid. The latter told her that she prepared a mixture of tuna and beef( I laughed very loudly when i heard that and at her face) . The wife asked the maid whether she has ever eaten such a combination to which the maid replied negatively and continued that she had found it bizarre that the wife asked her to prepare such a mixture. Needless to say that the wife was very angry on that day. Who is at fault in this story? I have a hint, do you? Hahaha!!!


Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Boss’ wife brought male child yesterday to office. She told kid to start greeting everyone. When he was in admin office, where there were only women, he said: “salut les filles!”. Later on, one of the girls humoured:

20 ans apres, kan piti la pou revini li pou dire: salut les vieilles poules!!

I could not help laughing…