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Beware of diarrhea and gastro!

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Health authorities have issued warnings to boil water for at least 15 minutes before consumption, especially in the wake of the heavy rains these last few days and to remove stagnant water on roofs and in stalled areas, so as not to favour mosquitoes breeding. The danger is real as hospitals are having patients suffering from diarrhea and gastro enteritis. There is another infection which is claiming the attention of the authorities, that is of eyes infection. Prevention is better than cure. Today my boss did not come up to work because he is suffering from chronic diarrhea as a result of eating stuffs bought outside. So better eat at home. You know what you are cooking and eating. If you really want to eat outside, better wait for some weeks till things settle. I came to suffer from belly pains yesterday night around midnight. It came and went away. Every thirty minutes I must wake up and go to the bath rooms because i was expecting it was diarrhea, but nothing came out. My second thoughts came to be ‘coolic’. Then if it were so, no doctor would be available at this time. I suffered from martyr till one in the morning, after which i decided to auto medicate and took a pill. The next thing i remember is i woke up at seven at which time, all pains have disappeared and it was time to go to work..Cross fingers it does not happen to me today again. Because i was feeling sleepy this morning when i woke up.


Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Today, i visited the colleague who was hit by a coconut. I posted the account at the beginning of the week. After seeing a second specialist who diagnosed the same thing as the first one, my colleague and his wife went to a third advice. He was sent to hopital du nord, where the doctor in charge referred him to another specialist. This time, they went silent about the advice of the first two specialists, and just related to the doctor what had happened. The doctor sent for a scan and explained to my colleague about the possibility of using a pill to crush the stone. He was admitted at clinic Darne, where he is actually under some sort of medicine cocktail and observation. After two days, the doctor diagnosed his state as satisfactory and said that all what he needed is rest and nothing else. He should however underwent another scan in 3-4 weeks to see whether the stone has been diluted. In the meantime, the colleague complained of severe headaches, which the doctor mentioned it is completely normal because not all tissues are irrigated normally. So after thirty minutes in their company(his wife and him), i left them with the image of a man filled with pain. His eyes was different, like someone who did not sleep for two days. He was blemish.

Ct scan!

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

Today a colleague of mine had to the admitted to a private clinique because he is suffering from blood clot and had undergo surgery asap. On sunday, he helped to bring down coconuts when one fell on his head. Immediately blood started to ooze out of his nose. He stopped the hemorrage by putting ice on his head. He was then sent to hospital for scan, where nothing was to be seen on the screen. He even went to work on Monday and today because of pain, he went to City CLinic for ct scan where the neurologist and surgeon told him and his wife that he has to undergo surgery today itself. What i think they did not appreciate is the way the surgeon spoke to them. That’s the dark side of Mauritian surgery. Now they are looking for a second advice. If they should undertake surgery it would cost him at least rs 100,000.00

Is the cost justify? I know by experience that fees at City clinic is quite high..But the equipment is high tech, but sometimes one can ask thyself the question, is the cost worth  the specialised equipment??


Saturday, September 30th, 2006

On Thursday, I underwent laser treatment for lattice degenerescence on my eyes. It took at most one hour for dilating the eyes and the intervention took 30 mins, it would be earlier should i not fell unconscious. I did not see anything when the doctor shot the laser into the eyes. I saw colored specks of lights and after some time, i was black out. The doctor lied me on the floor and kept shouting at me, to not sleep. When i gained consciousness, he gave me valium and coffee to drink.

I rewent on the “machine” 30 mins later for intervention on the left eye. Fortunately, i did not faint this time, and the disagreeable sensation took place 5 mins later.

There was a lady, who fainted like me. BUt on the second attempt, she refainted.  She lef the room on wheel chairs, and i did not see her again. May be the doctor resheduled an appointment for her. When i asked the doctor why i fainted, he told me that it’s all according to one’s body constitution.

Medical intervention

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

It’s confirmed. Thursday next I will be undergoing a laser intervention on my eyes. The opthamo told me that unless i underwent this preventive treatment, i could suffer from “decollement de la retine”. I heard that this is an ordeal for those who suffer from such handicap. They had to go to Reunion Island and eventually a to and fro trip for wound dressing.

So let’s hope that all go well and i won’t go there again. I have to inform my boss by the end of this week so that he can’t blame me for not informing him. He is so forgetful and always raises dry wounds.

Degeneresence lattice!

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Yesterday, I consulted an opthamologist upon advice from another optha. According to the latter, he noticed that my right retina has diminished in size. So he sent me to another one for confirmation and action. The secong optha said there was nothing wrong with the right retina but there was a problem with the left eye. From what i understood, there was some sort of degeneresence with some parts of the retina , and if not treated with laser, this could blur my vision…

I was struck..I do not know what to say. I don’t have any other known problem with my eye sight  before and now i have this breaking news.. The treatment is not cheap. Rs 5000 at Clinique du nord and if that was to be done, he would schedule it on Thursday next.