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Monday, March 23rd, 2020

It’s official! As at 23rd March 2020, our little country has reported 28 cases of the disease, amongst 2 were dead. The representative of the health department appealed to Mauritians to be responsible. He drew a rather pessimistic forecast-an exponential increase of the number of infections, and eventually deaths in the next 5 days if we continue to behave irresponsibly. Despite the decree of confinement since Friday 20th March, the inhabitants are still not wary of the seriousness of the matter. Some diehards still continue to gather in crowd, do not listen to authorities.

In the face of these circumstances, our PM has no other choices than to decree a sanitary curfew applicable as from today 23rd March 20hrs till 02 April 2020. Citizens will be fined in case they are caught in places other than their home, pharmacies or supermarkets. In one hour time, the decree will be official. First time in 40 years witnessing and experiencing a curfew nation wide.

Let’s hope that every thing will turn out fine and as a nation hope to win this war.

Ill week!

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

This week been like hell to me. My throat got sore on Saturday and on Monday i developed coughing. Together with coughing comes fever as well.

So on Tuesday, i could no longer be productive with all the coughing around, and hence decided to return back home. Dad brought back some cough syrup and some paracetamol. I took some the same day. However the next day things got worse.The fever did not leave me. It came back every 3-4 hours. So i decided to call a doctor. The latter asked some questions like whether my joints ached, i travelled, my phlegms were coloured etc. In the end he said i got simple flu and that the syrup and the paracetamol suffice, together with rest he said. And with that he wrote a medical certificate that i would be needing 2 days rest. So i did not work for 2 days resting and taking pills.

The last rest day was the most alarming at all. When i thought that my appetite was coming back, i decided to eat some bread with some meat instead of the usual soup. My mistake. I started to vomit minutes later. The vomiting came in crescendo later in the afternoon.I could not eat nor drink. Dad went to the nearby pharmacy to buy pimperan and some re hydrating solutions. I took the pimperan. No vomiting. Start good. Then the re hydrating solution. So far so good. Later at night will try some stables. Hopefully the stomach will stand good.

And it did stand good. On resumption day(remember i took 2 days’ holidays),  everybody asked about my health to only get a coughing reply from my part. My coughing did not cease. But it starts only when i started to talk.  I had couple of work which had to be done, let alone the due date on Monday, and the others can wait. I had not relate the other side of the story. Yes, and that is gossip. On the second day of my rest, i phoned office to tell them to get my medic cert from my home, which nobody did. It was the day of the resumption that i learnt the boss’ wife phoned the messenger on the eve and asked whether he managed to get my medic letter, to which he negatively replied. She asked him whether he could get it. It was already seven in the evening by then my dear readers. The messenger politely replied that he would fetch it the next morning instead.  When i learnt that, i immediately related that to all my colleagues and friends. And i dumped the medic letter on the boss’s table when i met him that day. With my coarse and nearly deaf words, i replied to his ‘ton degazer?’ question. Later that day the actress made her appearance. She asked the same question to which i negatively nodded. Later phoned me. She was appalled to hear my nearly deaf voice and repeated coughing. And the rest of the day, she stayed 5 metres away from me. And that made my day.  Note to myself. I really need to see another doctor.

Celebral atrophy!

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

We have a colleague M who has been sick for quite some time, may be more than one month. The first symptom is that he did not remember what he was asked to do a couple of minutes before. Once, he went to a place with motorcycle and returned work on foot. When asked where he went and where he left the bike, he replied he did not remember. His case soon become problematic and he started to walk at night unconsciously. His relatives decided to send him to see a doctor who prescribed some medecine. He resumed work soon after. However one day he began to tremble. He was immediately sent back home. Later when we queried about his health, we were told that he had fever and was admitted to hospital. Medical certificates come one after another and still no sign of recovering.

Couple of days ago some colleagues went to visit M. Their briefing is that M’s condition is deteriorating. He could barely move nor speak when they came. M was very stiff. We decided today to form a group to visit M after hearing such obliterating thing. When we reached there, M was lying in bed. He was indeed very thin and he was shaking. However he was very lucid and recognised all of us. He was very happy to see us and began to talk. We rejoiced that he has improved. Soon after his voice cracked as he was talking about the sacrifice he underwent to build his house, and unfinished WIP before he got ill. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

His mum showed us pills M is taking and his brain scan. Doctor observed that M is suffering from celebral atrophy, which is affecting his nervous system. He could not walk by himself as he was very weak. His mum told us that days ago, they all thought M was dead. He was so cold and could not move nor talk. It was then they decided to change doctor and his condition improved. He indeed needs rest as his memory fails after some time. We took leave after some time and wish him prompt recovery. M’s mum is really courageous. She does not show sign of defeat and fights for his son. We really hope M will get better soon and will get to see his smile again… Time can only tell.


Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Had diarrhea yesterday. Don’t know what food was wrong.  I had the first discharge early Monday morning. Thought it would ok and went off to work. There my tummy was groining all the time. So i had some pao ti yan (i was out of stock for imodium). Immediately after re toilet again. Then i decided to go back home. On my way back i went to the pharmacy to buy imodium. The first one i called did not have it. It had another pill for diaarhea but it was more powerful, according to the pharmacian. It was like an antibiotic pill and it was 200mg. Since it was new and its doses was more than 100 times in antidiarrhea pills i did not buy it but instead went to another drugstore where finally i got what i wanted and also bought some serum.

Since i was totally dehydrated i took some serum, immediately after which re toilet again. Afterwards i intook the pill and went to prepare some soup for me. Yes! no toilet this time. Then i took some rest for i was completely tired. I woke up around three to recook some soup and to prepare dinner (which consisted of heating up eve’s dinner) for the rest of the family.  This time i was pretty hungry and emptied the cooking pan. Off to sleep again to wake up at nine where i ate some apples and reslept to wake up in the morning. Off to work again. Business as usual. Sigh!!! And accummulated work too…Feeling sleepy now. Sweet dreams to all, rrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Tooth extraction!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Darn, I forgot that tooth extraction can be so hard and painful especially if it is a molar or premolar. After months of pain, i finally decided to remove the culprit. There was a cavity in the tooth and it had reached the tooth nerve. Whenever i drank cold water (no,  am not making the sensodyne pub), it hurt. Colleagues told me to use clove. It works only for half a day and at night, it was panadol. My head even ached.  I was for removal of the nerve and dental fillings, but the way the cavity has been created, it was better to remove the tooth. The cavity was on the inside. Should the nerve be removed the dentist has to cut through the other side, and this would wreck the tooth. After having removed the tooth, the dentist told me that a wisdom tooth has been unable to find its way to the surface and it was wrecking the surrounding teeth. A surgery is needed. What the hell!!! For the past first 15 years, i had problems with my teeth and evern underwent orthodontics. Needless to say tooth extraction and surgery were on the menu.  Now again re surgery. When will this drama end?

Palabre imper!

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Been quite some time since i blogged. Laziness and laziness as always. So the talk of the day is swine flu. Will not make an exception and talk about it. I know that many of you have blogged about it. Bon fer imper palabre mo osi alors.

There was this viewer who made a comment on the airwaves during the week concerning the action of the minister of education “wash your hand campaign”. According to what have been said concerning transmission, sneezing and handshaking are among the factors leading to contamination. So if an infected person sneezes and you happened to touch the surface upon which s/he sneezes, then you are contaminated. So what’s the use of washing your hands then??? In some schools, there is no water. Isn’t that ironic??? I reckon these are just preventive measures just like covering yourselves to avoid getting cold and flu.

My boss’s wife raised her concern to me about the flu. Her mother in law is to visit one her relative who underwent a surgery in hospital. Immediately many people equal high probability of contamination. So this is becoming a paranoia. Are workplace not the same as schools where there are many individuals? True children are more vulnerable than adults but still the line of thought is still the same.

The line of demarkation is very slim. Unlike what has been said, a seasonal flu will not disappear after 2 days. Have any of you recovered from flu after 2 days??? Seasonal flus nowadays are more resistant and you can only feel better after one week at least. So, it seems that more info is needed to avoid paranoia. Believe me, the scenario of someone who sneezes because of dirt in the air can be catalogued as “contaminated” and be isolated in the famous ward is highly probable.

Dodoland is no longer immune to such diseases. As the world is getting smaller, you should expect the unexpected. We are one month away from summer and yet it feels that it is already hot. So let’s hope that as with the hot weather the method of transmission is reduced. Mother nature is so great! But with the hot weather comes another problem. But that is another story. So in the meantime take care. But do not fall into paranoia.Not eeasyy ey!!!

UPDATE: No school from primary to tertiary as from the 21st to the 31st August 2009. Appeal from the PM not to give tuition during that period.


Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Since six in the evening, we heard a loud sound outside. Since we were busy preparing dinner, we did not pay attention.  Then at half past seven we again hear the buzzing sound. So i went out and peeped out to see officers with the famous fogging equipment. fogapplic3.jpgThey were fogging the streets and the canals. The ‘gun’ is very loud, more than the modified tuyau d’echappement of motorcycles. And the smoke smelled and burn eyes… Is that a good idea to use the machine at this time of the day when everyone is having supper or is returning home from work only to suffocate in the midst of the fog? The minister should have timed the fogging earlier when everybody is at work..

Fainted !!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

My heart have been pounding hard since one week and it is until today that i decided to have a check up. Until yesterday, i did not have any symptoms associated with the hard beat. I began cold sweating and had the feeling that my toes were very cold and numb. Moreover i have the sensation that i could not breathe at all when i am in bed. The sensation became more pronounced late at night. I decided to have some paracetamol just in case the symptoms were signs of a heart attack. The beat got harder in the next 30 minutes but gradually slided down. It was not until 3 in the morning that i managed to sleep.

So before going to work i decided to have a check up at the family doctor. Got discouraged at the long queue there. So dashed right to work, and latter phoned the doctor to enquire when i can drop by. Later in the morning i re dropped at the doctor’s office and  re-queue again. This time, i decided to wait. There was a couple before me and they took more than 30 minutes to leave, asking questions. Man, the doctor likes to talk and put stories forward.

It was finally my turn and after telling him my ailments, he boldly asked my age and told me that the pain and symptoms were of psychosomatic nature and that i have to brush away these thoughts. He also began to paint my personality telling me that i like to do things right and that i was on the “nerf”.  Woahh!!! Nobody ever told me that…Next he took my pulse and heart beat. All ok! Then to reassure me, he took a blood sample. Afterwards all went black. I fainted. I could not even recall when i was put on the ground and my feet were up. When i regained consciousness i could hear the doctor telling me to breathe… Slowly i got up and the GP told me that i fainted because i was scared and my blood pressure went low and blood was not irrigating the brain. Scary!!! I was not even thinking of blood… Unconsciously may be???Second time fainting and losing consciousness.

So after resting and regaining color, i went back to office, taking with me panadol for fever (i was hot according to him) and some tablets to sleep as the only prescriptions.  Blood test results on Monday!


Results out-viral infection…

Mo la gorge fer mal!

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Mo la gorge p fer mal. Pourtant mo pa fine mange narien ki pourrait nuire a la gorge. Gramatin mo fine mange frites. Pa dire moi a cose sa li fer mal….Mo bien croire mo p gagne la grippe. Mo nez nez p commence couler. Bien bisin mange en orange u bien boire en comprimer vitamin c. Zordi mo patron in crier moi pou rester 15 minutes dan so biro air conditioner. Mo bien croire tou o long lanner li gagne chaud. Zamais li teigne air con la. La kaz osi li met air con la a fond.

Ti ena en mini presentation lor pastel. En consultant in vini ec fine present sa produit la. Bon li pa fine bien define ban parametres la ec ti ena bcp erreur. A la fin mo fine plein ec mo fine sorti. Zistement mo truv mo pc in teigne. Mo put the blame on the ups who might rane lecorps, but when i look at the server, i noticed that it is still running. Strangely enough, my printer also won’t light. I don’t know what took me to look in a ‘cupboard’ encastrer in the wall. I opened it and there i saw some electrical connections. One of the breaker switch was down. Brilliant like i am, i could not help myself lifting it. To my happiness my printer momentarily lighted and the switch re-came down. Tried a couple of times to no avail. Tomorrow will be buying a new breaker and have it installed. So i switched off the lights and went home. Work fini pou vendredi. Samedi demain ec dimanche apres. Apres la fin la semaine pou rentre dan juin. Deja mi lanner ec bate liyeux ancore pou ena linventaire….Apres bate li yeux ancore noel ec bananer…

Surprised and shocked!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Today morning on my way to work, I was surprised and shocked to learn and hear the death of Dr. Omar Uteem, son of former president Cassam Uteem. It was before one thirty in the morning after playing football with a couple of friends that the 39 year old cardiologist felt uneasy. He was having respiratory problems and despite first aid from SAMU, Omar deceased in the ambulance on the way to hospital Jeetoo. The late cardiologist left a widow and two children below 12.  The funeral was held at five in the afternoon today. Deapest sympathy to his family and relatives!