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To while away some time!

Friday, March 5th, 2010

This is the story of two cousin(e)s. They both worked in the same company. One is the wife of the boss and the other accountant. One day the accountant left and worked with her boyfriend. The company where the wife works bought parts from the company where the accountant works. Now it’s time for settlement but the payment is still way to go. The accountant phoned the cousin(e). But the latter refused to talk to her for some obscure reasons. The call is forwarded to the husband who promised the other cousin(e) that payment will be in due course. However when due date comes, still no payment. The cousin(e) again phoned and asked to speak to the husband. The latter refused to talk to her but wanted to speak to the boyfriend instead. Access to boyfriend is denied to the husband. The cousin(e) asked to be talked to. Refusal of the husband again. The cousin(e) phoned again and again day after day. The receptionist could only take note and when matter took disportionate characters, she issued the matter to the wife who promptly told the former that should the cousin(e) call again to tell her the following:

1. the husband wanted to talk to the boyfriend because it is the latter the owner and boss of the company, not the cousin(e);

2. should the boyfriend want his money he has to call back the husband.

The receptionist only relayed the second message because of the obvious. The cousin(e) took good note of the message.

To be continued….

New car!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

No, mind you i did not buy a new car like the title suggests. My pocket is too swallow for that. My boss did buy one. From chit and chats, I understood he bought a mercedes. Since he did not like what the agency proposed, he decided to replace all parts he did not like. So bumper, grille. wheel rims and tyres were all removed and replaced with those he liked. Till then only a select people were able to view the new vehicle, and no i am not among them. He was to take possession yesterday and we all thought we would be able to view the star but were all disappointed. The car was hidden in his garage and he did not come to work in it. As it was dark black (like milk white) in colour, it easily caught dirt so he had someone from the company to clean and polish. We all laughed at the colleague and told him that he needed ginseng since he would use all his stamina in polishing the star. As the saying goes, new is beautiful, and like love, a drug.

Palabrons un peu!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Once again, today I will report on what happened at my workplace. Since yesterday the wife did not appear to be much concentrated in her work. Did not know what happened till today at 1630 hours. Today morning she blamed me for not reminding her that yesterday was due date to pay telecom bills. I replied that a colleague of mine reminded her to pay the bills and that she mentioned she would be doing so in the afternoon. She added that she had to see a sick person.

There is a big flaw in her reasoning. If she knew she had to see that person, she had to be better organised. Well i guess that is called nepotism. And nepotism is to be indulged in the affairs of her in laws without having to care for the affairs of the company. She said that since two days, ” so la tete extra fatiguer”. Her sister’s in law is sick. When i queried what the inlaw in suffering from, she replied “aio mo la tete extra fatiguer” without detailing the ailment of her inlaw. Don’t blame me for being so insensitive but if someone else is in her place, that person would be called by the boss and asked to solve the personal problem before turning up for work. That’s the way things are done in this company, and once again hurray for nepotism!!!

Still not married at 30??

Friday, January 19th, 2007

I would like to share something which i personally experience (hmm, perhaps some of you did during the course of your bachelorship) and i do not like that at all. When you reach 30 and still unmarried, you would be harassed (yes i will call it harassment)  by relatives that it is high time to get married and they would give you tons of reasons to do so. Girls would be harassed at an early age, and when they reach 30, and still bachelor, they would be called  “vieille fille” or worst that a lesbian. Same will apply for a boy but the naming will come at a later stage..

I personally experienced that during a meeting with a couple of friends. One of them happens to be married and brought the conversation on the table. He even proposed to find a girl (from China pls)  for me. I took it like a joke and replied to him to do so…
The hypocritical part comes when someone who you know closely gets married and started to urge you to do the same, when that same person earlier was in tears when relatives and friends perform arranged meetings. The vicious circle will go on. Typical mauritian mentality!!!

Now supposedly one passed the wedding race with flying colors.  The reception was wonderful and it was a huge success. Another lap awaits you. Kids!! Yes! If you are married and still kidless, you will be asked why. Even if your reasons are genuine, there will be gossips that the wife can not bear, or that the husband either is sterile or entertains another woman.

So much reasons for me to live in my own little world.


Friday, August 11th, 2006

Boss is supposed to leave today for Rodrigues early morning. But he did not go because he forgot his ID at home. According to the chauffeur, he phoned his wife and began to scold her for not putting his ID card in his wallet!!! Pas bisin dire ki fine ena detonation…

When wife came to work today, her face was still ara. Husband and wife did not speak at all for whole morning. Wife left early to look after kids. Husband went chaker…