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Does “gifts” pay?

Friday, August 25th, 2006

A driver at my place of work got fired because he accepted money from a satisfied customer. The story was as follows: the customer contacted the driver for a supply of an item. The driver indicated a supplier and both went to the supplier on a saturday. The customer was apparently satisfied with the price he got for the item and in return gave the driver rs 200 for his “depeine”. The driver at first refused but on the insistance of the customer, he finally accepted the money.

That’s the point of view of the driver when he goes through disciplinary committee. The customer was familiar with a supervisor working at the committee and when he related his ‘story’, the supervisor informed the boss.

On the next day, the driver was sacked. He was asked to write his letter of resignation.

The issue is as follows:
Does a small blue collar accepting money called corruption ,when white collars accepting money for service rendu called commission?? As the saying goes, when l’exemple vient d’en haut, this is OK, but when you do the same thing, this is called a crime…

The world keeps on spinning…