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You jerk!

Friday, April 30th, 2010

It has long been said and confirmed. Mauritian drivers lack courtesy. Today like any other drivers we were jammed at the level of Pailles in the direction of Port Louis. I was in the fast lane and at some point in time, we had to converge towards the slow lane. So when the lane ends, i turned on the left flasher. A driver in ithe slow lane apparently furious that i was intending to be take his lead horned me and shouted like hell ” to presser???” I politely replied that my lane has ended and had to go in the other. He was obviously overexcited and reshouted ” to plis presser toi?” I let him take the lead and to prove to me that he is the boss, he deliberately drove slower. We are all tired after a week’s work and the jam further adds to the stress. So why are you so jerky? I think i was not alone to face the situation. Some drivers at the front too horned apparently for the same reason.

On another note, bonne fete du travail a tous! TGIPH!

Holidays over!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Already 4th January 2010. Woahh!! How time flies really fast!!!! It seems yesterday when we were all rejoicing that end of year is near, and that implied holidays… Now it will be only a couple of days before we all resume work, sigh!!! Holidays will be over for some (in 7-8 hours time) while for others it will be in a week’s time. What have i done during these days off, well nothing useful :p Made up a couple of things which should be done but at the end of the day, 100% undone and 100% uncompleted. Laziness and heat and torrential rains are to be blamed. As usual hihihi! Ok better try to get some sleep but no easy with buzzing sounds around coupled with scorching humidity and heat….

Time flies!

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Already the 1st November 2009. Woahh!! Time flies really fast! Soon it will be Christmas, then end of year 2009 and beginning of year 2010.  It will also be the beginning of grey and white hair.  So what have you been doing so far?


Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Saw this article in Le Mauricien, and took the opportunity to also pay tribute to my friend’s father. Sincere and deepest sympathy to the family!

Water cut!

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

And it begins again! Water cuts! The cut would be more drastic if it does not rain in the weeks to come. The upper Plaines Wilhems is already under diet and Port Louis too to a lesser extent. So better eat and bath early to avoid loads of dishes to wash and coming  out of the  bath with  scums.  This is the best case scenario and the worst one, waiting for drips of water out of the tap or rushing to the supermarket for litres of bottled water to prepare food. Won’t even think of other chores such as washing of clothes and the W.C. That would be a mess, eurkkk!

september blues!

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

September already over, and we are crawling towards the end of the year. The major event is of course the submission of employees return of income tax.  The deadline which was supposed to be the 30th September has been extended till the 8th October. As usual, some tax payers wait for the last minute to submit their return. The tax authority has taken measures to ensure the smooth return of the tax form. On Monday, the MRA office was exceptionally opened till nine and there was good coordination and synchronisation among employees. So if you failed to submit your tax return, beware of penalties!!! Bulldog is watching you!

Then there is the resignation of my closest collaborator. I think i mentioned it in one of my recent  postings. I have to retrain a new colleague who despite having a certificate in spreadsheet, did not know how to execute a simple search command… Needless to say that there is work backlog and i had to stay after working hours. Fortunately only temporary for the sake of updating debtors statement and sending same to them. I am dying… and aching.


Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Benetton again!!! The latest ads on billboards showing a woman on top of a man on a “sofa” have been censored by the Road Development Authority.

International Group Benetton started the campaign on Monday last and by Thursday, there have been representations made to the RDA.  Divisional road managers have asked the advertisers to alter the advertisement failing which the permission will be revoked as per section 22 of the Road Act. However there have been reports that even before the warning was issued, some people had been tearing the posters, in certain parts of the Plaines Wilhems regions. It’s not the first time that Benetton International shocked through its posters. There have been controversy over its campaigns using religion, sex and AIDS.

Agalega for sale!

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Eddy mentioned the case in his blog yesterday and journalists of L’express and Le mauricien too enquired abt the matter. It’s such a pity that the national propaganda tool did not even raise the matter.


Monday, November 27th, 2006

Ants! Red ants everywhere!!! Brrrr…. I hate them when they mess in unnecessarily and in the wrong place. Yesterday, it was the drop which overflow. They managed to inch in my twelve o’clock loaf…They were in and outside the crust. In a moment of despair, i thought of throwing the bread away, then decided to remove the ants and grill the bread. I usually don’t fancy grilled bread but yesterday it was an exception.

Does the invasion preclude a sign of heavy rains or a major catastrophy?? Does someone know how to read signs???

Summer crush!

Monday, October 30th, 2006

One more day before October comes to an end. HOw time flies!!! It won’t take much time before the end of year arrives. ONly two months to go, and the cycle repeats itself..  It is now beginning to get hot. It has started to rain since a couple of days but not much. Talking about summer, it will soon be the season for mosquito bites also. Already there is an aggressive campaign being aired setting the scene on spots favourable for mosquito proliferations and the danger behind.