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Super chef 2012!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

I did not miss this local production since it started the 2nd edition which was reserved for amateurs only. From a pool of more than 100 applications, a selection of 50 candidates was done. On the first broadcast the 50 contestants were narrowed down(through a series of tasks ranging from cutting vegetables equal sided to making sushi) to 10. Then each week, after a series of  challenges, one candidate was eliminated. The final episode will be broadcast on the 1st December 2012. The finalists are all ladies and the winner gets  kitchen furniture worth MUR 250,000, an air ticket and a training session with the super chefs of the competition.

Since this edition was reserved for amateurs only, we as spectators are in the same shoes as the contestants. It was the first time they heard technical words and as time goes by, they are expected to provide high level culinary works. So it was quite funny to see their work displays completely opposite to what was expected of them. I really enjoyed watching this show-a pure 30 minutes of relaxation and enjoyment!

Good luck M. Jose, Alexandra and Cecile! Que la meilleure win!

Best before!

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Have you ever noticed that everything we eat nowadays has a best before date? Let’s not talk about cooked food which must be consumed within 24 hours in order to relish their flavour, nor about canned goods which already have preemption dates.Am also not talking about perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables. Most industrial foods have preemption dates and to my surprise, eggs also do.

Yes, we usually buy them from the nearby la boutique sinois and would normally keep them for weeks without ever worry about best before date.

Imagine my surprise one day when i try to make an omelette. I noticed the best before date(which was due a day before) on the egg. Did not pay any attention and broke it. When i whisked the yolk, it did not rise much to my dismay. So much so for a much desired omelette.The taste also is different from the one 20 years back. Plain and not savory. Sometimes i wonder about what are in our plates.

Are the foods we eat any natural at all? You also get genetically modified vegetables. Lately we have heard so much about securite alimentaire, but are we really doing something about it or is it just some lousy words on paper?

So, wanna share any differences in taste you have noticed about the foods you ate recently compared to some decades back? Is it better or worse?

Life tastes better

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

I might make some animosities among some pro KFC, but i could not help making a comment on its advert ” Life tastes better with KFC”. It portrays people who eat KFC see funny or delirious things- the employee seeing his boss as the rabbit in Chantal Goya’s song “un lapin a tue un chasseur”, and the aged pensioner seeing her inmates dancing. This makes me think that somehow there might be some LSD or some drugs in the bread or in the ingredients. Sure this is funny but the advert is a double edge sword. This is my opinion and the advert can be interpreted differently by others.

White rabbit!

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


Just heard that the white rabbit sweet is under close scrutiny by our health inspectorate. I do remember i love to eat them when i was in primary school.  Afterward, no sight of them. Perhaps because i began to draw a line because most of my teeth got rotten and had to get them removed.   Sniff!!

Ham Choy!

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Think i have become quite nostalgic about food prepared by old people. When i came to think about it, young people like me know little about the preparation of recipes held by old persons. When my aunt came to pass away, i could not help a selfish thought that i would no longer taste such and such delicacies and food. This season is auspicious for the preparation of bottled ham choy and dried ham choy.

imgp0373.jpgThese delicacies take a long time to prepare.Must dry in the sun, salt them, then steam, re dry again for umpteen days until dried. Then store in cool dry place. With the hectic life we are living, even with the knowledge gathered, such recipes will definitely be lost. There is a difference when a mentor is behind you. Even during exams a mentor makes a difference. S/he will correct your mistakes when you made them. So you know when you make them and not redo again.  I am talking about one among the many recipes upheld by old persons which we young people have taken for granted when we were still kids and when our parents were teaching us but too young to remember.

Even then our parents would not let us ‘met la pain a la pate’. We would just stand back and watch as idled spectators.

Food poisoning in a primary school!

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Just read from afternoon paper that a group of primary students food poisoned their teacher because the latter was going to report them to their parents. They mixed panadol, ventolin, antibiotics, psychotic drugs, and drugs for laying eggs in the bread and soft drinks of the teacher. The ploy was discovered when one of the students after seeing the teacher stumble, decided to report his friends.

Primary students with ventolin, psychotrics drugs… Where did they get that from? Imagine when they grow older and they dislike someone…