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Le dauguet nature trail

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


Careful guys!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

This morning when my colleague came to fetch me, he informed me about an accident on the motorway and told me that according to info on a radio station, there were several dead. When we tuned to another station the figure was revised. So we were quite lost since we had 2 versions of the same story. Journalists sometimes tend to be very sensationalist.

“Un grand pouvoir implique de grandes responsabilites”- uncle ben.

Many of us reach work late and worried about colleagues when heard that the bus was serving route 141. Fortunately they took the later bus. But it is still sad for those who did not ask to pay for the lack of precaution and prudence from drivers.

On a lighter note, pious pilgrimage to those on their way to Father Laval’s tomb.

Horse slaughter!

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Probably the most talked of the day, may be of the week!! The slaughter of a horse, video of which has been found on the web. The MSPCA, international organisations against cruelty of animals, the MTC and the police are all concerned about the treatment inflicted upon the animal. So much so for the reputation of the island concerning our love for animals.

Typical saturday!

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

From what I read on the blog tracker much has been said about the Beijing Olympics games 2008. Will not talk about it since did not watch the show as returned quite late on that ‘auspicious day’. Had to input nth transactions as acquired new software as old one no longer reliable. Back and hand ache. Had to acquire new PC. The bright side is that there is a 17 inch LCD on my office table. Intended date to go live is end of month if everything goes smoothly. So in the meantime no statement sent to debtors and no report to management.

At twelve, shut down computer as no longer able to input. Decided to visit infotech salon with a colleague. Did not plan to do so but since we were around he agreed to go there.  The stand which attracted our attention was Pascal Computer’s with its Asus motherboard, its huge fan in its transparent minitower casing. After strolling around the salon for about 20 mins we decided to leave as nothing interesting popped up. As usual took a nap once home and woke up 2 hours later looking for food as did not lunched.  Decided to bake cake. So took out butter, eggs, sugar, baking flour, and  mixed all of them and everything in the oven. So after a hard day work, au dodo. Ouch! My neck and back still ache.

Inaugural flight!

Monday, October 29th, 2007

The inaugural flight of Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow to Mauritius took place today. The plane,  landed at 1050 hours, was welcomed by water salute from the fire fighters in Plaisance.  Around 250 passengers were greeted by the rhytmn of the sega. Virgin has scheduled a 2 flight weekly , namely on Mondays and Saturdays, and is aiming to fulfill the 2 million tourists target by the Tourism board.

At the same time, the local pork industry is being affected a deadly African virus. Three close infected farms were identified and were quarantined. Pork breeders were reluctant to kill their herd but due to the rapid spreading of the disease, there are no other alternatives. They are however asking the minister of agro-industry a good compensation for the killed animals. A new infected area which is far remote from the infected ones has been identified and sanitary authorities are questioning the quarantine procedures.The disease may also infect the wild boars which are living in our forests. In the meanwhile, no pork in the plate.

Hard facts!

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

This time, i have chosen to write on some aspects of being an expat. Personally i am not one but my brother has been away for some time in South Africa. First time he is in South Africa. We knew there is an aunt who has been living there for she married a South African. So my dad phoned her and politely asked her is she can accommodate my brother for the period of his stay in SA. She replied positively.

The first impressions my brother got when he got to her house is the fleet of vehicles in her garage, ranging from Toyota Lexus, jaguar and BMW. There is also a portfolio of apartments she rent. So as you might have guessed, she rent one of the apartments to my brother for an amount less than the market value. Fair enough!! Then after some time, she started to tell my brother that he needed to move to another apartment because she found another locataire or that her son needed the apartment.

My brother faced another problem just recently. The aunt had been asking him to move out because she needed the apartment for a friend who will be moving in at the end of the month. Yesterday, my brother informed me that the aunt removed her bed and messed with his clothes.  I have not received further updates since then. I asked him to look for another apartment till his assignment is over and then return home.

After this experience, we faced a hard fact. Relatives are only there for the sake of relatives. We can only rely on then for a temporary period.  Familiarity breeds contempt and my brother unfortunately discovered that in a foreign country. You will probably have encountered the rhetorics of foreign relatives when they left Mauritius after their stay. “Vini zot tous. Ena place kot moi” The story is another when you go over there. Perhaps I am making generalisations but it seems that is true of my family. That is why i  tend to stay away from family gatherings, especially when aunts and uncles from abroad come.

Interisland games!

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

There is presently a fuss concerning the Mauritian participation at the inter island games. The Minister of sports is being heavily criticised for the meagre harvest of gold medals. As usual the opposition party is asking the Minister  to step down.  What do you think? Is the request of the opposition party justified?


Sunday, May 27th, 2007

The body of Patrice Merle, ex-RCPL student was found in his room on Thursday at Warwick university. He was ranked fourth after the national scholars and was awared an Australian scholarship. But wanting to pursue further studies in the UK, he had had to bear all the costs of studies and accommodation by himself. He left for the UK in 2002.
His suicide was explained in a letter whereby the constraints of work and studies worn him out. Friends and parents could not explain the reason for this desperate act. The news of the dramatic event moved staff and students at RCPL as well as those studying in the UK. Patrice’s parents are due to fly to the Uk where the authorities would conduct an autopsy.

Sensitisation campaigns!

Friday, April 27th, 2007

This week, the road safety unit has been organising campaigns and demonstrations about the importance of wearing safety belts. Members of the public are giving the opportunity to ride “la voiture tonneau”. voiture.jpgvoit5p.jpg
It is a car simulating a barrel crash. In this experience, the public are explained the importance of wearing belts especially at the back. The demonstrations were held in various places in Mauritius and the last demo will be held in Caudan in the afternoon.

Taiwan quake!

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Taiwan quake has caused serious slowing down in adsl connection.My.T service and call centres (as far as info gathered) have suffered considerable slow down as a result.