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Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Heroes season one will be aired tomorrow on Channel 3. At least that’s according to trailer previews. Heroes, if aired will replace 24. The last episode was on Friday last and ended with the kidnapping of Jack Bauer.


Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Longed waiting for its broadcast Wednesday last, the second season of desperate housewives was finally aired on Monday. As with the first episode of the first season, the first episode of the second one was very boring. The episode started with the burial of Rex, who died of heart attack in the previous season. We also know that Zach Young is the legitimate son of Mike Delfino. and that he disappeared after he attempted to kill his father.

Today, Wednesday, the national station is planning to broadcast MI-5. Let’s hope that this time, the play will be as planned.

The end!

Friday, October 5th, 2007


Today, I watched the fiftieth and apparently the last episode of Shijou Sailyou no Deshi Kenichi. I expected another kind of ending but guess that in martial arts, endings resemble each other. So now i must look for another anime to while away my time. Must try either naruto or one piece. Ok time to go to bed. Tomorrow another huge day. I do not know whether i can sustain the rhythm of work, now that my colleague left and another was recruited. Back to square one, with re-training.  But this is another story!!

Hurrah for the numerical era!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Today, i witness the usual propaganda of the national station. With no warning or communique, the programme on the third channel has been changed since eight or earlier.  I was keenly awaiting the usual epic of Dr House, but instead, i got to see a bunch of groups dancing and singing in front of the PM. Some cultural show to mark the birthday of the father of the nation. And the funniest thing is that the national station did not even bother to modify its programme settings. When i tuned on the first channel after the weather forecast, it was the usual loop with the original programme settings. I am not in audiovisuals, but these settings can be changed can’t they? Even at the last minute. MBC does have the functionalities to do that. And they always claim to be innovating to bring new changes. Mon oeil!!!!  Vive the numerical era!


Friday, September 14th, 2007

La route aux enigmes was broadcast today. It was animated by Gilles Sooben, who also presents ‘avant premiere’ on Fridays. Well??!!! The quality of sound was very poor. We could barely hear what was saying and the communication networks between the candidates demonstrate clearly the poor infrastructure of our wireless networks. For this first show, the candidates were quite poor. The brainy candidate clearly did not know how to execute a search on the net and the presenter each time has to help her out.

To rate the show, lets say that the quality is the same as the Miss Mauritius pageant competition. The initiative was good, but i think the concept copies too much from the french show. It has to be adapted to the Mauritian concept. Clearly the spoken french was patoit like. Why not in creole? This would save us, spectators from trying to guess what is being said.


Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Today, I discovered a new anime manga. The cd has been lent to me by my cousin. And guess what!! I somehow get a grip on this anime. Sure I still follow bleach, but this one is hell new fun, entertaining and relaxing… It is the story of an average student named Shirahama Kenichi who has earned the nickname “Weak Legs” from always getting bullied. One day he meets a cute girl named Furinji Miu who helps him build the courage to begin training at a mysterious dojo where she lives. Here Kenichi faces intense training from masters of many different martial arts styles as he attempts to become stronger.

I viewed 9 episodes so far and hopefully will be able to view more from the site given to me. I already registered and hopefully will get a positive response. So if you liked bleach, you will certainly like this one too. Enjoy! Apachai!!!

La route aux enigmes!

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Media Spin in collaboration with Mauritius telecom is launching a new game ” a la mauricienne”. You have certainly heard about the show ” la carte aux tresors”,  game show presented by Sylvain Augiers, well the show has been readapted to be ” La route aux enigmes”. The principles remain the same.However instead of two competitors, the candidates will be helping each other, one will be the head and the other the legs. One will be surfing the net for info and will be communicating same to his colleague who will be on the road to look for the miles point. The candidates at the start of the game will have a credit of 10,000 points. If the candidates do not manage to solve the riddles at the end of the imparted time limit, they will be able to look for the solution but at the expense of losing the allocated points. The points which will be converted into money or prepaid phone credit at the end of the game.

The show will not be live. There will be 52 shows each lasting 60 minutes. The first broadcast will be the 31st August and thereafter on each Friday at six in the evening. So far the name of the presenter has not been finalised.

Which film to watch?

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Since the beginning of the week, i do not know damn shit what to watch on TV. On Monday, I do not watch surface since i do not understand what the film is about nor whether it is a black and white film. Most of time, the film in under water and don’t see damn thing. So i played a film on VCD till eleven. Then i dozed off. On Tuesday, after i watched Dr House, i tuned on channel one to watch 2 episodes of CSI.  Here again i dozed at eleven.

One would wonder whether programmes on digital tv are as diverse as the national station pretends. Is it worthwhile to buy a decoder at rs 3000 and see the same old and recurrent films? Do not mention the fact that the times of transmissions are never followed, either later or too early but never on time. You would then suggest switching to satellite dishes. Here the problem comes from the ever rising cost of subscription.  At the time of subscription, it is only a nominal fee, but the end of the day, you would feel discouraged by the pricing practices of these companies. Not to mention the fact that when a series end, it would re broadcast it over and over again. True, you get new series and recent films. There is not doubt about it.  In the end as end user you are not the king anymore. You are only a pawn in the contract binding you and the company.

What to choose? Such a dilemma.  So i end up blogging, watching movies on vcd or dvd (whatever available) to kill the time.

The national station!

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Much has been said and heard abt our PM’s visit to China, more specifically to Beijing, where he met his Chinese counterpart and the President of China. Treaties have been signed, aid donated and meeting with Mauritian students studying in Beijing possible. The interview of our PM concerning the generous donation of China has been broadcast nth times on the waves. Is that the only interview of our PM in China? There was no interview of our No. 2 who went together with No.1. Ok, I knowledge that No. 1 comes before No.2 but at least some opinions of no.2 concerning the Tianli treaty could have at least supplement the ministerial visit, otherwise propagandized as usual  by the national station.

There was a debate yesterday concerning the challenges of digital television. I did not watch the show when i learned that most of the “guests” were active actors of the national station.  I heard from the local JT that the national Station will be expanding the digital spectrum from the current six to twelve channels shortly. TV5 and BBC will be live 24 on channels seven and eight. I guess that this decision was taken mainly as a reaction to the public’s comments on the narrowing of international shows in the digital programmes. Formerly when spectators bought TNT decoders, they received six international channels, but gradually these  were being narrowed down to give room to MBC’s programmes. Let’s wait and see whether these additional channels will suffer the same fate as their former counterparts!

New shows!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

This week MBC Channel 3 programmation has undergone some changes. As from Monday (that is yesterday), some new series have popped up. On Mondays, we will be having “surface”, on Tuesdays:”Dr House”, on Wednesdays:  4400″, on Thursdays: “friends”, on Fridays: 24, and on Saturdays: CSI.

Watched surface yesterday, saw and understood nothing. Everything under water. Dr House was however more understandable and watchable. Like the ‘frank’ parler and the show was somehow quite lively…