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Teacher’s day!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Happy teacher’s day to all! Selman pa en zour conger sa….. Conger ziste pou lecole… Snifff Traffic ti bien libre zordi. Pna bcp bouchons….


Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Perhaps the most aired talk of the week is certainly the polemic around the Eastern Institute for Integrated learning In Management. The leader of opposition claimed that the university is in an illegal position and that it has not satisfied the requirements of the Grants Commission published in 2003 in India, with a view to protect Indian Universities and their reputation. The TEC has also been criticised in its lack of control procedures and its shallowness in the treatment of the EIILM dossier, a weakness which would finally allow the Institute to open its doors in less than eight months after its application to the TEC. The Management of the university on the other hand claimed that before the university opened its doors, it has satisfied all the requirements of the TEC and that it intends to sue the leader of opposition for defamation.. More info can be accessed here

Saturday off!

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Youpii!Yahoo!!! I finally have my Saturday off… It was not easy. At first i thought i did not have the guts to ask my boss. But after much encouragement by my colleagues and parent, i finally took the leap. He did not bother about it and i guess that it was because it was a Saturday and business is light on that day.

So with Saturday off, i could finally concentrate more on my studies. I went off to take coaching as early as eight. I could grap a seat when i reached the premise. If i arrived five minutes later, i could have been in the batch who was obliged to grap a chair and take notes in the classroom aisle and at the door side… The teacher was so embarrassed about the situation that he apologised to all of us. He told us that when students called him, they just enquired about the time and place of the tuition. They did not ask him whether seats was still available. One student remarked that this teach did not refuse student intake. To illustrate, he received a call during classroom hours. A student called to ask about tuition hours.  He did not even reply that there is no seat available.  After he put down his cell phone, he remarked to us that once again only time has been enquired… I know that giving tuition is a profitable business but within workable conditions. We could barely walk out if there is an urgent need.

In the end no solution was found. He tried to convince some of us to come on Sunday but i guess none of us wanted to come on a Sunday. So it will be the law of first in first seat. I left the hall at one thirty with my buttock squared and a bad headache. I felt some chillings along my vertebrates and took some aspirin and vitamin C and went to bed. It was only at six in the morning that i woke up with the ache gone.

Sc, hsc fees (contd)

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

That’s it. The fate of the 30,000 students sitting for the Sc-HSc exams has been finalised in the conseil des ministres on Friday. Indeed, the government has decided on the following measures:

1. The government will take in charge all the fees for students whose parents earn less than rs 7500 monthly; 2. Parents who earn in the range rs 7500- 10,000. will be paying half the fees. The other 50% of the fees will be paid by the govenment;

3. And for the other 22,000 students, the government will be subsidising only 25% of the fess.

According to government this subsidies will cost the state rs 140m to 150m, and the financing will be taken out of the budget of the MTPA.

In the meantime, some 5,000 à 6 000 persons have been at the marche de protestation, yesterday afternoon at Centre-de-Flacq, the electoral district of Minister Gokhool, organised by the Plate-forme nationale. Paul Bérenger, in his speech, said that the 25% subsidies is a forward step but nonetheless insufficient. He continued stating that Gokhool is not worth minister of education. There has been reported aggression against two students at the end of the march.

SC-HSC subsidies!

Friday, March 9th, 2007


A pacific manifestation was held today against the Gokhool reform of abolishing the subsidies on SC and HSC fees. The march started from bus station of Rose Hill to end at Plaza hall. There were amongst the marchers, students from various colleges around the island, concerned about the reform, and some politicians gathered around a theme “plateform nationale:ran nu 50 % subside”. According to le Mauricien, the meeting gathered some one thousand marchers and prostesters.

This is the second time a student manifestation is going to be held, while the government is still holding on to its reform. Earlier, during the flag raising ceremony at a private secondary school in Rose Hill, some students have silently left the college hall while the Minister of Education was pronouncing his speech on reforms and responsibilities of each stake holder.


Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Race for A+ is on. Std VI students are as from today competing for A+ according to Gokhool’s educational reform formula.