It’s official! As at 23rd March 2020, our little country has reported 28 cases of the disease, amongst 2 were dead. The representative of the health department appealed to Mauritians to be responsible. He drew a rather pessimistic forecast-an exponential increase of the number of infections, and eventually deaths in the next 5 days if we continue to behave irresponsibly. Despite the decree of confinement since Friday 20th March, the inhabitants are still not wary of the seriousness of the matter. Some diehards still continue to gather in crowd, do not listen to authorities.

In the face of these circumstances, our PM has no other choices than to decree a sanitary curfew applicable as from today 23rd March 20hrs till 02 April 2020. Citizens will be fined in case they are caught in places other than their home, pharmacies or supermarkets. In one hour time, the decree will be official. First time in 40 years witnessing and experiencing a curfew nation wide.

Let’s hope that every thing will turn out fine and as a nation hope to win this war.

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