Mo anvie sa!!

Patrick wrote an interesting article  on his personal experience as a parent- how to cope with the wants of the kids. Many parents nowadays usually give in to the wants of their newborn. If they  (kids) do not get what they want, they would usually cry or “jette lecorps” until the parents gave in.  I happened to witness the scene in a well known supermarket whereby the kid(usually 3-5 years) would “jette lecorps” when the parent would not buy something the kid want.

Is there an age limit where parents should bear with the “anvie” of their kids? My cousin’s son (would be one in a few months)  would usually cry when he did not get what he want. Then his grandmother would coax him. It is not easy nowadays to try to reason with his/her kids when both parents are working. So to keep the kid from crying the parent would usually give in. As Patrick said his spouse and him would tell their child why they would not be buying this or that. At least the child would know why.

So how do you cope with the wants of your child? Do you maintain your stand?

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