Tax return!

This year, the MRA was somewhat less inclined to distribute hard copy returns. I was at the headquarters mid March and asked for the income tax form. I was asked for my TAN, was queried why i could not file my return electronically, that i could file the return here. That day i was very moody because there was only one officer who was in charge of keeping and distributing the forms and that i had to wait for fifteen minutes just to listen to some rhetorics. When i snapped whether she would refuse to give me a form, she replied ‘i would give only to you’, one form per person. Those who were present that day were very appalled by that attitude. It is true that in an attempt to go green, the institution is converging towards paperless return, but it must bear in mind that not everybody can afford to pay a high price for a crappy connection. Now ever since i don’t know whether that has changed.

So did you go to the MRA to get a form, if so how was your encounter?

Happy filing/efiling!!!

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  1. Yashvin says:

    If you dont have access to internet, the best thing to go is to fill them in the regional mra centers set up to assist people to fill in the form. But that was last weekend if I am not mistaken.

    I think that I submitted my first return in the regional MRA centers. After that, I filled my return online, without any problem.
    To confirm : You might be required to fill in manually the first time because I got the impression that your online account does not work if you never submitted before.

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