No air con in an air con public transport!

Once upon a time, in an afternoon after two, i took the bus to Rose Hill. Needless to say it was hell hot these days. So i decided to catch the conditioned bus hoping that I could get some comfort out of this intense heat. A cool air greeted me once i stepped in. As i took my seat, i started to feel relieved. A gushing cool air flowing throughout the seat. What a pleasant atmosphere compared to the hot and humid air outside, and a simple mortal enjoying such a luxury thing!!  The bus started to move. I fastened my belt and off we took off. Oh wait, this is not a plane!!

As the bus started to gather momentum, we noticed that something’s wrong, The air conditioning had gone down. Oh no, despite the desperate attempt of the driver to switch it on,no avail!!  After we went through 2 stops, the fare collector opened the air vent on the top of the bus and the driver opened the door. There were no windows, and barely no air flowed in. I started to feel the humidity and heat sticking on the skin. Some passengers started to complain while others looked up and tried to adjust the air con flow, still not knowing what’s going on. At the 4th stop, the collector refused to take in more passengers as it would implied smelly sweats and eventually suffocation. At the next stop, our bus stopped behind a broken down bus belonging to the same company and there were passengers waiting under the scorching heat. The collector got down, and did something outside. Oh wait, what’s that sound? Yes, this is air conditioning coming back. We are saved!!!  There is a hero after all. The collector invited the other “passengers” in with a big smile and off we departed again.

I jumped off two stops away in my wet shirt hoping not to experience that adventure again. As i reached my destination, i drank half a litre of water and welcomed the conditioned air in my face and took off my shirt and… Oops sorry.

Well that pretty summed up my 20 minutes’ trip without air con in an air con public transport. Have a nice hot , smelly, humid night or day!!

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