Parking coupons!!

Since the 14th February 2011, price of parking coupons have been raised by 100%. Parking coupon holders were invited by the minister to exchange their existing coupons by the 28th of the same month. Initially scheduled to be exchanged at the Jade House, the minister then announced that the process is to be decentralised. According to him, the exchange could be done at the local filling stations.

Unfortunately, when we went there, there were no new coupons.  This was aired on a radio station whereby the president of the petrol retail association mentioned that his association did not receive any new coupons from the ministry.  The due date being close, we again phone a filling station. They did receive the new coupons, however they are not exchanging the old ones. You have to buy new ones. What the use of mentioning on the waves that one can exchange old ones when clearly the station does not follow suit? ( I don’t know about the other stations, but the station near to me did that).  You have to go to Jade house, waiting for one hour,  in the intense heat and showering your shirt and trousers before you can finally grap the new coupons in your hands.

What’s the new difference? The rs 10 on the mauve coupon is now Rs 20.00 and the Rs5 on the green coupon has turned Rs 10.00 for the same parking time (that is 30 minutes).

Now a communique from the ministry mentions that the deadline has been extended to mid March 2011. So if you are an unfortunate holder of old parking coupons, bear your bad luck in patience. Otherwise if you are lucky and filling stations accept to play the game, then good for you.

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  1. Yashvin says:

    Having a secured parking in port louis, I seldomly use parking coupons. However, if am not mistaken, I might have 2-3 of them in my car. But after reading the pain above, I think that I am ready to lose some Rs50 (I dont even know how much they cost lol)

    Extending deadlines (for new rules etc) have always been common practice in the govt.

  2. tapijo says:

    Lucky you!! Yeah extension deadlines for new rules is common practice. But this one was so much short notice. You have another one which will fall due in July this year and this concerns the number plate…As yet the ministry did not set a list of agreed suppliers. You will see how much outside normed number plates will be on the road.

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