Sleepless night!

Am looking like a zombie. Did not sleep well last time. It was damned humid and hot. On top of that, the tropical visitors visited me and it was very annoying hearing their buzzing sound. Just when sleep finally came in, it was high time to get up to work. So if someone at work tries to pick up on me, s/he going to get it…

8 Responses to “Sleepless night!”

  1. Torpedo says:

    “s/he going to get it…”
    Get what? πŸ™‚

  2. Eddy Young says:

    No air-conditioner? Get a dehumidifier, or put a 2L bottle of frozen water in a corner and point the fan towards it and away from you. It helps remove the humidity.


  3. tapijo says:

    nop. No ac. Thanks 4 the tips. will try it.

  4. tapijo says:

    @torpedo πŸ™‚

  5. Patrick Ng says:

    It’s a different story in Canada. My wife and I usually find the air to be too dry for us. In winter, we have to use a humdifier because the air becomes really dry (heater). The worse for me is that my skin becomes really dry. I love it when I am in Mauritius. I love the sweaty and sticky feeling πŸ™‚ Usually, as soon as I set foot in Mauritius, my skin regains its elasticity.

  6. Eddy Young says:

    Islands tend to be more humid. I had to buy a dehumidifier to prevent the onset of mould on cold parts of the house.

    I hate the humidity in Mauritius, especially that stickiness that you get after walking out of an air-conditioned building.


  7. Patrick Ng says:

    The only time I don’t like humidity in Mauritius is when it’s raining. Other than that, I quite fine with it. I guess I like hot/sticky weather. One surprising thing is that when I was living in Mauritius, I would take a nap every Sunday between 14:00 and 16:00 in a closed room, no air conditioning and under a blanket without sweating. I am not talking about a thin one, but the “molton rouge” πŸ™‚

  8. tapijo says:

    I too like to take a nap during that lapse. However in a closed room under a molton rouge in summer…. no way. I prefer rain in winter… Got that cool breeze. Otherwise in summer, i too don’t like the humidity when it’s raining especially when there is no breeze at all. Feel very uncomfortable.

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