Hurrah!!! Another increase!

The CEB has announced it is going to major the price of electricity in Mauritius. Should the board ratify the decision, it should be effective as from today 01 December 2010. Consumer protection bodies are condemning the increase in tariffs, arguing that as always, consumers are paying the price of bad deeds and incompetency of those managing public bodies. After the story of hedging at the national aviation company and at the  STC, it’s now turn(dear viewers yes you) to pay for story of the fake electrical bulbs.

Needless to say that following the increase of 10% in electricity tariffs, everything will rise. Bread, bus transport, petrol, water, basic commodities and the list is long.  Hurrahh! Can’t wait to see what’s next in store for us…

UPDATE (10th December 2010)

As from Monday 13th, 20% increase in bus fares.

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