Celebral atrophy!

We have a colleague M who has been sick for quite some time, may be more than one month. The first symptom is that he did not remember what he was asked to do a couple of minutes before. Once, he went to a place with motorcycle and returned work on foot. When asked where he went and where he left the bike, he replied he did not remember. His case soon become problematic and he started to walk at night unconsciously. His relatives decided to send him to see a doctor who prescribed some medecine. He resumed work soon after. However one day he began to tremble. He was immediately sent back home. Later when we queried about his health, we were told that he had fever and was admitted to hospital. Medical certificates come one after another and still no sign of recovering.

Couple of days ago some colleagues went to visit M. Their briefing is that M’s condition is deteriorating. He could barely move nor speak when they came. M was very stiff. We decided today to form a group to visit M after hearing such obliterating thing. When we reached there, M was lying in bed. He was indeed very thin and he was shaking. However he was very lucid and recognised all of us. He was very happy to see us and began to talk. We rejoiced that he has improved. Soon after his voice cracked as he was talking about the sacrifice he underwent to build his house, and unfinished WIP before he got ill. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

His mum showed us pills M is taking and his brain scan. Doctor observed that M is suffering from celebral atrophy, which is affecting his nervous system. He could not walk by himself as he was very weak. His mum told us that days ago, they all thought M was dead. He was so cold and could not move nor talk. It was then they decided to change doctor and his condition improved. He indeed needs rest as his memory fails after some time. We took leave after some time and wish him prompt recovery. M’s mum is really courageous. She does not show sign of defeat and fights for his son. We really hope M will get better soon and will get to see his smile again… Time can only tell.

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