Cimetiere Bois Marchand!

There is a stir after the publication of an article “ Menacés et volés dans un cimetière” signed by Bernard Saminaden in L’express of the 8th October 2010.  The journalist did not mention the date of the mugging. However from reading the article one would automatically think that the this must have happened until very recently as anyway newspaper does not publish old news, otherwise it would not be called a daily.

The details interested and struck a reader as this incident happened 4 months ago exactly on the 03rd June 2010. The mugging was widely reported by Radio PLus and le defi plus of Saturday 05th June 2010. The lady who was mugged happened to be related to the reader and on a personal initiative, he constituted a team of 12 persons living at Bois Marchand to clean and embellish the cemetery as it looked more than a jungle and an abandoned cemetery. According to the reader cleaning is done, and maintenance works are being carried out and it looks that this would last till end of the year.

The reader goes on to state the fright and reticence of  the chinese community about going to the cemetery after the front page publication of the article when even the senior journalist did not even go about the pain of verifying the writings and just borrowed a piece of old news. The irony the reader stated is that on the 06th October 2010, Bernard came along with his colleague in 3 vehicles and met the reader’s foreman at the cemetery. The foreman did mention the fact that ever since the 05th July 2010 when cleaning started, there had been no cases of mugging and the last mugging case reported at Terre Rouge police station dated the 03rd June 2010. In spite of the reassurance given, the article was still published on the 08th October 2010.  The reader continued to ironise about the so called insecurity the journalist is  talking about when an Indian crew was filming at the very same cemetery.  The correspondence even stated about the righteousness of the PM about press legislation.

The mail was copied to the press complaint committee and in a correspondence signed by Ariane de L’estrac, she promised action will be taken and the journalist would have to explain himself.

So what do you think? Is the press going too sensationalist? or amateurish?

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  1. Yashvin says:

    No comments…

  2. tilai says:

    Amateur trying to be sensationalist. We all know that editors try to boost sales by inflating the importance/relevance of news. It’s good that at least this time they’ve been called on to explain themselves. Still, why was the cemetery left abandoned before? Is there no one to care about the maintenance? I know that you often have to weed out the plot where your beloved ones are buried, but I would have expected a modicum of care to be present.

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