Dear viewers!

Dear viewers,

Another month has elapsed. We are 3 months nearing the end of the year. How time really flies! This month no public holidays… So desert ahead! For those who still have leaves, enjoy them. But for unfortunates, please bear this month with a pinch of salt, lemon and some 0.05% drinks. And for those still looking for a job, keep it on, until you are settled and be in the same situation as your host :p

After some drizzles, the sun has finally come out. This means time to wake up and get ready for work. Wake up bunch of lazy goers!!! It’s Friday today!!!! Ok for those who work tomorrow, work hard. Sunday will come in a dash. Woahhhhhhhahaha!!! Ok better get going. Enjoy yr day, hopefully will be my case 🙂 (touch wood)

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