Dear viewers, have you ever wondered why during the last month, there has not been a single video clip of the official world cup 2010 song on our national station? Well this is because the guys on the censorship board and those on the national station have censored Shakira’s waka waka dance. In the next 24 hours the world cup would have officially ended and not a single  image have been broadcast on the airwaves, which by the way, we ti dimoune are paying rs 100 monthly. And we aspire to compete internationally, attract 2million tourists (yearly??)  with this narrow mindset attitude? Gimme a break. When a colleague sends me a copy of Shakira’s clip, i could not help wondering whether the national station has broadcast it. No, there has not been a single video broadcast. It was through the internet network community that i discovered the clip. I heard the song but the clip was discovered through the net. Waka waka!!!

“Paradi en dey” suffered the same fate. The documentary is about the situation of drugs in our island, and here again, there has been police arrest because the film has not been approved to be broadcast. Even after a small private viewing, the film director, Jameel Peerally and Ally Azeer have been arrested and interrogated by the CCID. More info on this arbitrary arrest here.

UPDATE: Saw the waka waka clip today on channel 3 (i think) before the soap begins.  Hopefully there will be more of it.

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  1. Yashvin says:

    shared on my fb!

  2. tapijo says:

    Just saw the comments on fb. Hopefully will not get coup poing ec coup pieds ^^

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