Taiwanese drama!

I got a sudden craze lately. After a friend gave me a cd containing Taiwanese drama, i suddenly became addicted to that kind of series. My first Taiwanese drama was romantic princess (Gong Zhu Xiao Mei).

Its the story about a girl who was kidnapped when she was little and adopted by a poor family. Later on her grandfather who happens to be the richest man in Asia eventually found her and Xiao Mei is suddenly propelled in a new environment, where envy, lust, love and romance co exist. I found it rather entertaining spiced with some humourous scenes. The male leads are Wu Zun ( a famous model and singer in Asia) while Angela Zhang features as the female leads. So if you like soaps and romance, then i will advise to go for it. Taiwanese dramas are at par with Western ones, quality wise and suspense but with lots of humour and hilarious scenes. The drama was aired in 2007, so am quite behind. Better late than never. So did you watch any good Taiwanese dramas lately?

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