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You jerk!

Friday, April 30th, 2010

It has long been said and confirmed. Mauritian drivers lack courtesy. Today like any other drivers we were jammed at the level of Pailles in the direction of Port Louis. I was in the fast lane and at some point in time, we had to converge towards the slow lane. So when the lane ends, i turned on the left flasher. A driver in ithe slow lane apparently furious that i was intending to be take his lead horned me and shouted like hell ” to presser???” I politely replied that my lane has ended and had to go in the other. He was obviously overexcited and reshouted ” to plis presser toi?” I let him take the lead and to prove to me that he is the boss, he deliberately drove slower. We are all tired after a week’s work and the jam further adds to the stress. So why are you so jerky? I think i was not alone to face the situation. Some drivers at the front too horned apparently for the same reason.

On another note, bonne fete du travail a tous! TGIPH!