Loud noise!

Security is important. There’s no doubt about it, whether for personal security, overseas travel. Each and everyone of us needs to feel secure especially in one’s home. There are a number of companies specialising in such areas. Each has its own area of expertise. However, i could not not help but noticing that whether it be commercial or residential buildings, there is one thing in common-the alarm sound. Have you ever noticed that increasingly when the alarm goes on, it can make you deaf??? I mean, it’s good that the neighbourhood knows about may be there is something wrong in your building, and that appropriate actions can be taken, or it can act as a deterrent for the intruder if any, but for god’s sake, why the decibel so loud??? I am talking out of experience. My neighbour has installed an alarm system. Oh dear, when it goes on, you would wish you were deaf.. I am not joking…

noise.jpg(image at cowsarejustfood.wordpress.com)

Is there a norm for such devices?Why does it have to be so loud? Silent alarms do exist, so why not propose such systems as alternatives? Are they so much expensive that the majority of us opt for the conventional ones? We are talking about an ile maurice durable, serenity at home englobes such aspect.

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So please security companies, do phase out such systems or at least diminish the decibels for our ears’ drums sake and for our children and grand grand children. We have only one pair of ears and it’s for our entire lifetime.

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