Long wkend!

Greetings everyone! So how was your weekend? Many of us must have enjoyed their long weekend especially those who do not work on Saturdays. Some companies even decided to resume work on Wednesday given Tuesday is a public holiday. I think schools as well are given a day off (mid term?).  Well guess what?? My boss and his wife did the same today. They made a bridge (fer pont in creole). So while asses are working, Mr and Mrs are sunbathing in a nice little resort. And what really sucks is Mrs phoned to enquire whether any employee has fer pont… Comme koi l’exemple vient d’en haut… No holidays in the coming month. So will begin the long desert walk. Must feed on water and air.

2 Responses to “Long wkend!”

  1. Yashvin says:

    lol! mo pane faire pont mwa, mais demain, plan shooting 😉
    Spent my weekend trying my new camera lens.

  2. tapijo says:

    Good boy! 🙂

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