To while away some time!

This is the story of two cousin(e)s. They both worked in the same company. One is the wife of the boss and the other accountant. One day the accountant left and worked with her boyfriend. The company where the wife works bought parts from the company where the accountant works. Now it’s time for settlement but the payment is still way to go. The accountant phoned the cousin(e). But the latter refused to talk to her for some obscure reasons. The call is forwarded to the husband who promised the other cousin(e) that payment will be in due course. However when due date comes, still no payment. The cousin(e) again phoned and asked to speak to the husband. The latter refused to talk to her but wanted to speak to the boyfriend instead. Access to boyfriend is denied to the husband. The cousin(e) asked to be talked to. Refusal of the husband again. The cousin(e) phoned again and again day after day. The receptionist could only take note and when matter took disportionate characters, she issued the matter to the wife who promptly told the former that should the cousin(e) call again to tell her the following:

1. the husband wanted to talk to the boyfriend because it is the latter the owner and boss of the company, not the cousin(e);

2. should the boyfriend want his money he has to call back the husband.

The receptionist only relayed the second message because of the obvious. The cousin(e) took good note of the message.

To be continued….

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