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breaking news!

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

L’assemblee nationale in dissoue zordi par premier miniss. Election in prevue le 5 mai. Pendant plis ki 25 minutes premier miniss in coser. Bilan lin dire li pou rentre dan details pendant campagne.

Update:Conference de presse hotel le labourdonnais par premier miniss ancore dan 5 minit.

Loud noise!

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Security is important. There’s no doubt about it, whether for personal security, overseas travel. Each and everyone of us needs to feel secure especially in one’s home. There are a number of companies specialising in such areas. Each has its own area of expertise. However, i could not not help but noticing that whether it be commercial or residential buildings, there is one thing in common-the alarm sound. Have you ever noticed that increasingly when the alarm goes on, it can make you deaf??? I mean, it’s good that the neighbourhood knows about may be there is something wrong in your building, and that appropriate actions can be taken, or it can act as a deterrent for the intruder if any, but for god’s sake, why the decibel so loud??? I am talking out of experience. My neighbour has installed an alarm system. Oh dear, when it goes on, you would wish you were deaf.. I am not joking…

noise.jpg(image at

Is there a norm for such devices?Why does it have to be so loud? Silent alarms do exist, so why not propose such systems as alternatives? Are they so much expensive that the majority of us opt for the conventional ones? We are talking about an ile maurice durable, serenity at home englobes such aspect.

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So please security companies, do phase out such systems or at least diminish the decibels for our ears’ drums sake and for our children and grand grand children. We have only one pair of ears and it’s for our entire lifetime.

Long wkend!

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Greetings everyone! So how was your weekend? Many of us must have enjoyed their long weekend especially those who do not work on Saturdays. Some companies even decided to resume work on Wednesday given Tuesday is a public holiday. I think schools as well are given a day off (mid term?).  Well guess what?? My boss and his wife did the same today. They made a bridge (fer pont in creole). So while asses are working, Mr and Mrs are sunbathing in a nice little resort. And what really sucks is Mrs phoned to enquire whether any employee has fer pont… Comme koi l’exemple vient d’en haut… No holidays in the coming month. So will begin the long desert walk. Must feed on water and air.

Glory to thy land!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Greetings!! Happy 42th independence and 18th republic anniversary to our dodo land! May your wish and dreams come true! muflag.jpg

To while away some time!

Friday, March 5th, 2010

This is the story of two cousin(e)s. They both worked in the same company. One is the wife of the boss and the other accountant. One day the accountant left and worked with her boyfriend. The company where the wife works bought parts from the company where the accountant works. Now it’s time for settlement but the payment is still way to go. The accountant phoned the cousin(e). But the latter refused to talk to her for some obscure reasons. The call is forwarded to the husband who promised the other cousin(e) that payment will be in due course. However when due date comes, still no payment. The cousin(e) again phoned and asked to speak to the husband. The latter refused to talk to her but wanted to speak to the boyfriend instead. Access to boyfriend is denied to the husband. The cousin(e) asked to be talked to. Refusal of the husband again. The cousin(e) phoned again and again day after day. The receptionist could only take note and when matter took disportionate characters, she issued the matter to the wife who promptly told the former that should the cousin(e) call again to tell her the following:

1. the husband wanted to talk to the boyfriend because it is the latter the owner and boss of the company, not the cousin(e);

2. should the boyfriend want his money he has to call back the husband.

The receptionist only relayed the second message because of the obvious. The cousin(e) took good note of the message.

To be continued….