Supernatural to be aired by the national station as from on Wednesday and Thursday 13th and 14th January 2010. It’s quite unusual for the national station to air consecutive episodes on the same day or even a day after, apart from an epic episode or special events. Series like CSI-NY and New York 911 have 2 episodes broadcast on the same day. I like to watch sci-fi, supernatural movies or series and hopefully would appreciate this one too. From what i gather, it seems like a demon chase like Buffy the vampire slayer. Did someone watch Supernatural? How is it?

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  1. Yashvin says:

    I always heard friends talking about the supernatural thing, but I never watched it. However, I love watching CSI and other series involving police and those experts 😛

    Et bien sur, mo guet tulsi ( pas sa souvent la), surtout si mo lakaaz sa lere la et ki mo p prend dinner en meme temps 😛

  2. tilai says:

    Supernatural is not bad. It’s now on the 6th season and is expected to be the last one (but who knows, eh?). It slowly moves from random ‘killing ghosts and demons’ series into one with a history about the brothers’ roles in the war between angels and demons. You’ll enjoy it if you persist on watching it. The series I currently enjoy most are Dr House and The Big Bang theory.

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