37 deg???

And i thought it was only in dodo land that it is very hot. At midnight on Monday 11th,  it was 37 deg. in Melbourne. Locals were unable to sleep and flocked to ice cream parlours and the beaches for some night swimming. Southern Australia remains high on risk on fire alert warnings. At 27 deg at night we are complaining about intense heat but when hearing about the situation in Aussie, we could not help but say to ourselves that we are still lucky. Tiredness and lack of sleep will accompany us for the remaining months of summer and for those who are enjoying cool air and good sleep, thumps up!

3 Responses to “37 deg???”

  1. Mervin says:

    the difference between dodo land and Oz..is that in dodo land its humid hot and it kangourou land its dry hot..
    which one do you prefeR?

    😉 i choose dry hot 🙂

  2. tapijo says:

    neither. i prefer mild 🙂

  3. Patrick Ng says:

    Usually it’s very dry in summer in Canada too although I did experience a very very humid day once. I prefer humid. It’s better for my skin and I can breathe more easily. Dry summer or dry winter are very hard on people like me who have lived on the coast for so long. Here, my hands look like an old person’s hands, but once I land in Mauritius, my skin is smooth again withing hours.

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