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When will you resume work?

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

When asked whether it would be ok to resume work on the 4th January 2010, one manager shouted that should work resume on that day, he would submit his resignation immediately. Now that is called spoilness.  He has been working for 15 years with the same employer and is more equal than others. There are no retaliations against him when he damaged company cars in accidents. Should a mere mark appear on a car, you would normally get reprimanded, pay for the damage or even get fired should you recur.  Well i guess such is life. So when will you resume work?


Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Had diarrhea yesterday. Don’t know what food was wrong.  I had the first discharge early Monday morning. Thought it would ok and went off to work. There my tummy was groining all the time. So i had some pao ti yan (i was out of stock for imodium). Immediately after re toilet again. Then i decided to go back home. On my way back i went to the pharmacy to buy imodium. The first one i called did not have it. It had another pill for diaarhea but it was more powerful, according to the pharmacian. It was like an antibiotic pill and it was 200mg. Since it was new and its doses was more than 100 times in antidiarrhea pills i did not buy it but instead went to another drugstore where finally i got what i wanted and also bought some serum.

Since i was totally dehydrated i took some serum, immediately after which re toilet again. Afterwards i intook the pill and went to prepare some soup for me. Yes! no toilet this time. Then i took some rest for i was completely tired. I woke up around three to recook some soup and to prepare dinner (which consisted of heating up eve’s dinner) for the rest of the family.  This time i was pretty hungry and emptied the cooking pan. Off to sleep again to wake up at nine where i ate some apples and reslept to wake up in the morning. Off to work again. Business as usual. Sigh!!! And accummulated work too…Feeling sleepy now. Sweet dreams to all, rrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Tooth extraction!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Darn, I forgot that tooth extraction can be so hard and painful especially if it is a molar or premolar. After months of pain, i finally decided to remove the culprit. There was a cavity in the tooth and it had reached the tooth nerve. Whenever i drank cold water (no,  am not making the sensodyne pub), it hurt. Colleagues told me to use clove. It works only for half a day and at night, it was panadol. My head even ached.  I was for removal of the nerve and dental fillings, but the way the cavity has been created, it was better to remove the tooth. The cavity was on the inside. Should the nerve be removed the dentist has to cut through the other side, and this would wreck the tooth. After having removed the tooth, the dentist told me that a wisdom tooth has been unable to find its way to the surface and it was wrecking the surrounding teeth. A surgery is needed. What the hell!!! For the past first 15 years, i had problems with my teeth and evern underwent orthodontics. Needless to say tooth extraction and surgery were on the menu.  Now again re surgery. When will this drama end?