Funny combination!

The boss’s wife told me a funny story some days back. She told her maid to prepare corned beef salad or tuna, however without specifying which one she preferred. Now when it was time to lunch, great was her surprise to hear her husband ask what kind of salad she had asked to prepare. The wife replied beef. The husband replied that the salad tasted tuna. The wife quickly picked up the phone and queried the maid. The latter told her that she prepared a mixture of tuna and beef( I laughed very loudly when i heard that and at her face) . The wife asked the maid whether she has ever eaten such a combination to which the maid replied negatively and continued that she had found it bizarre that the wife asked her to prepare such a mixture. Needless to say that the wife was very angry on that day. Who is at fault in this story? I have a hint, do you? Hahaha!!!

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