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Que feriez vous si vous decrochez le premier lot?

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

The Loterie Nationale has been officially launched on Wednesday 28th October 2009.  On the occasion of the soft launch, the holder of the winning ticket (6/40) will be awarded the prize of Rs 12 million. So what is the loterie Nationale? Guess all of you know the loto (no, not the creole word for car), the game in which you need to hold all the numbers in order to win. Yes this is it. 58% of the receipts will go directly into the government pocket to fund “de grandes causes nationales”.

Prior to the official launching of the game, Lottotech (the company behind the loto game) invested massively on advertising, training retailers (spread widely in the island) on the use of their machines. The draw will be held on the 7th November. So if you think that probability has no secrets for you, then off you go! BTW the ticket costs Rs 20 for a choice of 6 numbers. Good luck!!!

Earth shakes!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

There was a quake yesterday at GMT 0315hrs 1014 kms to the nord east of Port Louis. According to the USGS (US Geological Survey), the event did not generate tidal waves and there was no tsunami warning. The earth in Mauritius and Rodrigues did not shake in the aftermath. There is a concern from the head of the public service commission(and also the president of the Central Cyclone & other National Disasters Committee)  that the  meteorological station should have informed the population about this matter(despite that no real threats took place). The head of the PSC did not appreciate the fact that as head of the committee no information was communicated to him in the first place.  On the meteorological side, Mr Suresh Boodhoo insisted on the frequent and low scale quake and that should a major threat arise, the authorities concerned will be informed accordingly.