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New car!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

No, mind you i did not buy a new car like the title suggests. My pocket is too swallow for that. My boss did buy one. From chit and chats, I understood he bought a mercedes. Since he did not like what the agency proposed, he decided to replace all parts he did not like. So bumper, grille. wheel rims and tyres were all removed and replaced with those he liked. Till then only a select people were able to view the new vehicle, and no i am not among them. He was to take possession yesterday and we all thought we would be able to view the star but were all disappointed. The car was hidden in his garage and he did not come to work in it. As it was dark black (like milk white) in colour, it easily caught dirt so he had someone from the company to clean and polish. We all laughed at the colleague and told him that he needed ginseng since he would use all his stamina in polishing the star. As the saying goes, new is beautiful, and like love, a drug.

Careful guys!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

This morning when my colleague came to fetch me, he informed me about an accident on the motorway and told me that according to info on a radio station, there were several dead. When we tuned to another station the figure was revised. So we were quite lost since we had 2 versions of the same story. Journalists sometimes tend to be very sensationalist.

“Un grand pouvoir implique de grandes responsabilites”- uncle ben.

Many of us reach work late and worried about colleagues when heard that the bus was serving route 141. Fortunately they took the later bus. But it is still sad for those who did not ask to pay for the lack of precaution and prudence from drivers.

On a lighter note, pious pilgrimage to those on their way to Father Laval’s tomb.

Summer already??

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Some days back, it would seem that summer has already reached our shore. Was very hot and on top of that, there were the famous humming sounds near the ears and big red swollen bites on legs, arms and neck. On the way back home, we tuned on the radio, and the talk was inevitably H1n1. So after nth recommendations and stated facts by his guests, the presenter was saying that summer is yet to come and the meteorological station was forecasting a fall in temperature in the hours to come. Will the fall last 12 hours later? Stay tuned for the latest update, check sa!!! Hahaha!