Palabre imper!

Been quite some time since i blogged. Laziness and laziness as always. So the talk of the day is swine flu. Will not make an exception and talk about it. I know that many of you have blogged about it. Bon fer imper palabre mo osi alors.

There was this viewer who made a comment on the airwaves during the week concerning the action of the minister of education “wash your hand campaign”. According to what have been said concerning transmission, sneezing and handshaking are among the factors leading to contamination. So if an infected person sneezes and you happened to touch the surface upon which s/he sneezes, then you are contaminated. So what’s the use of washing your hands then??? In some schools, there is no water. Isn’t that ironic??? I reckon these are just preventive measures just like covering yourselves to avoid getting cold and flu.

My boss’s wife raised her concern to me about the flu. Her mother in law is to visit one her relative who underwent a surgery in hospital. Immediately many people equal high probability of contamination. So this is becoming a paranoia. Are workplace not the same as schools where there are many individuals? True children are more vulnerable than adults but still the line of thought is still the same.

The line of demarkation is very slim. Unlike what has been said, a seasonal flu will not disappear after 2 days. Have any of you recovered from flu after 2 days??? Seasonal flus nowadays are more resistant and you can only feel better after one week at least. So, it seems that more info is needed to avoid paranoia. Believe me, the scenario of someone who sneezes because of dirt in the air can be catalogued as “contaminated” and be isolated in the famous ward is highly probable.

Dodoland is no longer immune to such diseases. As the world is getting smaller, you should expect the unexpected. We are one month away from summer and yet it feels that it is already hot. So let’s hope that as with the hot weather the method of transmission is reduced. Mother nature is so great! But with the hot weather comes another problem. But that is another story. So in the meantime take care. But do not fall into paranoia.Not eeasyy ey!!!

UPDATE: No school from primary to tertiary as from the 21st to the 31st August 2009. Appeal from the PM not to give tuition during that period.

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  1. Yashvin says:

    hey! welcome back!
    Been such a long time 😛

    I went to a birthday party today, and followed the most simple principle to avoid getting contaminate, i.e. avoid handshaking (and kisses).

    Sure, this won’t prevent me from getting possibly infected, but I am taking some basic precautions including washing my hands regularly. Was kinda weird but I managed to make some people realise that we should avoid direct contact as long as the virus is around.
    The easiest way is “Mone gagne la fievre, mo malade, pas cpv zoine”.

    Believe me, it works…

  2. tapijo says:

    Thkx! I have to go to a wedding today. So I think i’ll follow your guidelines 🙂

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