Winter insomnia!

Two thirty in the morning… Wind is howling and it’s chillinnngggggg……..Brrrr!!!! Can not sleep. Took the temperature yesterday morning and the thermometer indicated 20deg. However the morning paper mentioned something about 18.7 deg in the city. The meteorological station indicated about a second anticyclone to influence the country by this afternoon. So pullover, amorak and the likes on your shoulders… Needless to say the talk of the day at work was the cold. Some colleagues prefer the winter season while others the summer season. The general trend however is that those living on the coastal region hold a liking for the winter season. The reason: in summer everything is hot; the house, the bed. While in winter, you get something to put on when you are cold. So what is your preference??

2 Responses to “Winter insomnia!”

  1. Bruno says:

    I find myself sleeping much better in the winter … between I came across your post from the Mauritius Blog List

  2. tilai says:

    L’ete akoz …. hehe.

    Akoz l’ete to met aircon to ok, l’hiver sa aircon la pas assez pou chauffe la chambre. Mo p koz kot SH bein sur. 😛

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