Been quite hot yesterday. Does not appear we are in a transition period. As a result, have not been able to sleep since 2 days. Sommeil casser vers 1.00 am sometimes 2.00 am. And to make matters worse, mosquitoes have started to fer letour. What is happening? As i look around, i could not help but notice that ants are migrating to the upper part of the house. At office, ants are invading bread and powdered milk.  N they are even walking on monitors even in a conditioned environment. Weird, isn’t it???

4 Responses to “Weird!”

  1. morinn says:

    I work up at 2 a.m today to the singing of mosquitoes. Those damn ants are everywhere too. I can’t remember seeing that happen in previous winters.

  2. tapijo says:

    Hey Morinn, taler dimoune pou croire mousik p coser and fer chorale kot toi 🙂

  3. morinn says:

    Bon b sameme zot p fr. Santer, zot la voi pa tro bon pou chorale selmen! Li bon si dimune croire sa, mo kav fr 1 parc dattraction moustik! haha!

  4. tapijo says:

    Ec van foto tous avec 🙂

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