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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Since six in the evening, we heard a loud sound outside. Since we were busy preparing dinner, we did not pay attention.  Then at half past seven we again hear the buzzing sound. So i went out and peeped out to see officers with the famous fogging equipment. fogapplic3.jpgThey were fogging the streets and the canals. The ‘gun’ is very loud, more than the modified tuyau d’echappement of motorcycles. And the smoke smelled and burn eyes… Is that a good idea to use the machine at this time of the day when everyone is having supper or is returning home from work only to suffocate in the midst of the fog? The minister should have timed the fogging earlier when everybody is at work..


Monday, June 1st, 2009

Been quite hot yesterday. Does not appear we are in a transition period. As a result, have not been able to sleep since 2 days. Sommeil casser vers 1.00 am sometimes 2.00 am. And to make matters worse, mosquitoes have started to fer letour. What is happening? As i look around, i could not help but notice that ants are migrating to the upper part of the house. At office, ants are invading bread and powdered milk.  N they are even walking on monitors even in a conditioned environment. Weird, isn’t it???