Fainted !!

My heart have been pounding hard since one week and it is until today that i decided to have a check up. Until yesterday, i did not have any symptoms associated with the hard beat. I began cold sweating and had the feeling that my toes were very cold and numb. Moreover i have the sensation that i could not breathe at all when i am in bed. The sensation became more pronounced late at night. I decided to have some paracetamol just in case the symptoms were signs of a heart attack. The beat got harder in the next 30 minutes but gradually slided down. It was not until 3 in the morning that i managed to sleep.

So before going to work i decided to have a check up at the family doctor. Got discouraged at the long queue there. So dashed right to work, and latter phoned the doctor to enquire when i can drop by. Later in the morning i re dropped at the doctor’s office and  re-queue again. This time, i decided to wait. There was a couple before me and they took more than 30 minutes to leave, asking questions. Man, the doctor likes to talk and put stories forward.

It was finally my turn and after telling him my ailments, he boldly asked my age and told me that the pain and symptoms were of psychosomatic nature and that i have to brush away these thoughts. He also began to paint my personality telling me that i like to do things right and that i was on the “nerf”.  Woahh!!! Nobody ever told me that…Next he took my pulse and heart beat. All ok! Then to reassure me, he took a blood sample. Afterwards all went black. I fainted. I could not even recall when i was put on the ground and my feet were up. When i regained consciousness i could hear the doctor telling me to breathe… Slowly i got up and the GP told me that i fainted because i was scared and my blood pressure went low and blood was not irrigating the brain. Scary!!! I was not even thinking of blood… Unconsciously may be???Second time fainting and losing consciousness.

So after resting and regaining color, i went back to office, taking with me panadol for fever (i was hot according to him) and some tablets to sleep as the only prescriptions.  Blood test results on Monday!


Results out-viral infection…

5 Responses to “Fainted !!”

  1. Eddy Young says:

    Get well soon.

    Did you faint twice at the doctor’s?


  2. tilai says:

    Dire docteur donne toi medical leave pou 1-2 jour, reposer lakaz.

  3. tapijo says:

    @ eddy
    The first time was when i was doing laser treatment on my eyes at a clinic. That was 3-4 years back. On that particular day, every patient who did laser treatment fainted. The doctor reprimanded us that he did advise to eat well. But still i guess that fear was the cause.

    @ Tilai
    Got medical leave for 2 days but still lecorps ancore casse casser!!!

  4. Patrick Ng says:

    Try taking it easy. Are you usually scared of needles? I have a friend who becomes white just before getting a shot and remains white for a couple of hours later.

  5. tapijo says:

    I had couple of shots in the past mainly injections but so far did not faint. Guess that it was the sight of blood…

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