Should i or should not i?

Today morning my boss came to ask me whether the phone works well. Damnn it!!! What the fuck is he talking about? I knew that a line on the PABX did not work. So i replied that such line does not work. He was obviously waiting for another reply. He was querying about my mobile phone,whose sim card is provided and paid by the company. So i replied positively. He continued on reprimanding me that he phoned me in the morning and that i did not reply. To which i shrugged my shoulder. Should i always take the phone with me wherever i go even in the toilet??? Seeing that i “avoye li f..” he left without saying another word..  I then started to harass him by visiting his office 3 times in a row in the morning. Obviously he was busy listening to the ballot polls on his pc. I kept on breaking his rhythm (cheques to sign, giving him quotations and giving him feedback about a statement he gave me one week ago and re cheques to sign again) until it was time for lunch. All the day round, he had been ear stuck to the polls, leaving his office only for natural urges and a meeting.

He did not even vote in the partial. Wonder why he is so interested?? Red fan???

2 Responses to “Should i or should not i?”

  1. Yashvin says:

    haha, you should continue doing this for the rest of *his* life 😛

    Who knows, you may be promoted!!!

  2. tapijo says:

    Promoted to the last degree that’s sure 🙂

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