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Day earth stood still!

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Today I watched the film the day earth stood still featuring Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Jaden Smith, John Cleese. It is a remake story of the 1951 classic sci fic. The film is about the day Klaatu an extra terrestrial being (played by Keanu) landed on earth. His mission: save the earth. Actor James Hong, who landed on earth 70 years ago acted as his contact and briefed him on human activities and their destructive nature. From there on Keanu pressed the red button and human race and traces of their activities started to get wiped off.erase.jpg

Locust or nano robots..

The only hope for the human race is Jennifer Connelly(played an astro physician specialised in microbiology) who will try to convince Keanu that human has another facet worth saving. Kind of like the film with nice special effects. Good start for me. First film of the year and high score.. Vivement que sa continue :p

Rs 100 one pound!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Rs 100.00 one pound of love apple…. Lovely love apple!!! rs 100.00 one pound… Incredible. Since one week, prices of vegetables keep increasing and the cerise sur le gateau is now the vegetable which rentre dan tous la sauce. Peuhhhh!!! Hard to be a vegetarian these days!!!

Stimulus package!

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Today i receive a mail which for me is like a trouvaille. The author of this article strongly criticised the Grand Argentier’s stiumulus package. According to Sithanen, the package is supposed to help us face the economic crisis which is sriking us right into our face.

The stimulus package provides no registration nor land transfer tax for a developer who carries out estate building worth MUR 50 million or more. Neither the seller nor the buyer will be required to pay registration tax.  I agree that this is an attempt to attract more FDI but at the same time it could encourage money laundering. What do you think? A secong illovo deal as the author mentioned??

Should i or should not i?

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Today morning my boss came to ask me whether the phone works well. Damnn it!!! What the fuck is he talking about? I knew that a line on the PABX did not work. So i replied that such line does not work. He was obviously waiting for another reply. He was querying about my mobile phone,whose sim card is provided and paid by the company. So i replied positively. He continued on reprimanding me that he phoned me in the morning and that i did not reply. To which i shrugged my shoulder. Should i always take the phone with me wherever i go even in the toilet??? Seeing that i “avoye li f..” he left without saying another word..  I then started to harass him by visiting his office 3 times in a row in the morning. Obviously he was busy listening to the ballot polls on his pc. I kept on breaking his rhythm (cheques to sign, giving him quotations and giving him feedback about a statement he gave me one week ago and re cheques to sign again) until it was time for lunch. All the day round, he had been ear stuck to the polls, leaving his office only for natural urges and a meeting.

He did not even vote in the partial. Wonder why he is so interested?? Red fan???