New increase in price!

Since Wednesday, one kilogram of white sugar is now sold at Rs 19.50 against Rs 10.95 and this is the recommended selling price. The price has now been liberalised and us, consumers will pay more in practice. The price increase may be explained by the fact that the sugar community, planters and industrials will no longer be subsidising the white crystal. According to the Chamber of Agriculture, the price of sugar since 1991 has remained unchanged and the subsidies have cost the sugar industry an additional rs250 to 300 millions each year. “Dans le contexte de la reforme du secteur, cette mesure est acceuillie comme une bouffee d’air frais par tous les planteurs” dixit the Chamber of Agriculture.

So dear consumers, for one kg of white sugar, prepare to pay more than rs 20. Raw sugar will cost twice. Recession obliges reduce your sugar intake also. Also prepare yourself to spend more on cakes and sugar based delicacies.Ile Maurice ile durable?? May be this will reduce the number of diabetes given that we top the world list in terms of amputation due to diabetes complication.

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