Heat, humidity and bites!

Very very hot!!! Not a breeze and a high humidity. Heard that the sea current around our coast has been hotter that those near the equator. No wonder, we witnessed the formation of cyclonic depressions near Rodrigues and in the Mozambique canal. Torrential rains and storms of these last two weeks have only brought a temporary heat quench. Now more than ever, the intense heat and the ubiquitous mosquitoes with their acrobatic swings around ears and some times in front of your eyes are ruining my sleep and are speeding up the ageing process.

Coupled with that, mud are obstructing the filters at water treatment plants and water is only flowing at half their usual volume. So in an attempt to retard the perspitation process after shower, we take the latter later at night. We should resign to that state of mind because late at night, the flow is even meagrer.

Any luckier on yr side?

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  1. tilai says:

    Ouch, the hate that I hated at home. Trickling water for shower. Here it’s -1 now. 😀

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