Sea temperature!

Fish was found dead at Anse la Raie and Baie aux huitres. Initial sea water test reveals no abnormal chemical composition. Scientists at Albion experimental station collected the bodies for further test in view of the expansion of the number of dead bodies. Scientists may explain this phenomenon to lower oxygen level in the sea due to the rise of 2 deg in the sea temperature. Indeed not only has land temperature risen during the last month but also that of the sea. Apparently this has risen above 30 deg.

On another level, btw the price of dholl puri has decreased by MUR 1.00

7 Responses to “Sea temperature!”

  1. tilai says:

    How much is the dholl puri now?

  2. tapijo says:

    LOl! Despite the fact that the honorary Sylvio Tang agreed with the association on a price decrease of MUR1.00, you will still find dhull puri selling at the prevailing price, that is MUR 9.00 or MUR 10.00 depending on the merchant.

  3. Shah says:

    OMG @ the fish 🙁

    Reducing the price of dholl puri will certainly be a blessing for diabetes prone and obese people.

  4. tapijo says:

    In disguise you mean???

  5. Shah says:

    In a way, yes.

    What is troubling is the fact that the Government is promoting the “ile durable” thingy which also includes good eating habits and hygiene. Certain foods must eventually be banned despite being part of our culture. It’s a matter of survival. Still, one could argue that banning certain foods is just wrong for alcohol, cigarettes and chocolates do harm as well. So, unless we all go vegan and eat algae for each meal, it’s probably best to not touch the Mauritian gastronomy. – let the price go up and people will fall back to eating healthier foods which cost less. (like algae)

  6. tapijo says:

    Algae???? Arkk!!!

  7. tilai says:

    Really? You mean they’ll kick McD, KFC et al off the island so that le peuple admirable will start eating properly?

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